15 amazing things you can do with Google Home

Virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. Recently, Google launched its competitor to the Amazon product. Aptly named Google Home, the Google Home Assistant can help you in surprising ways that you might not have realized at first. Here are 15 features that may surprise you. 1. Use it as a speaker […]

Why Customer Concentration Affects a Commercial Sales Transaction

Few owners recognize the great impact that customer concentration has on the sale of their business. Customer concentration represents a major hurdle and will affect the sales ability, valuation and deal structure of a business transaction. Not only will it create problems qualifying buyers, but it will affect any potential buyer’s ability to obtain third-party financing to complete the acquisition. […]

The parable of the three wells

Let me share with you an ancient parable that I just made up: One day, three brothers were walking through the woods when each of them fell into a separate well. The younger brother tried to get out of the well, but could not. The middle brother tried to get out of the well, but he couldn’t. The older brother, […]

Quickly Cure Male Yeast Infection With These Natural Home Remedies

Male yeast infections often respond to home remedies and natural therapies. Because this type of overabundance of bacteria cannot survive in less than optimal environments, all home treatments and natural cures for male yeast infection focus on creating an environment that makes yeast bacteria unwelcome, eliminating the factors that allow yeast to thrive. Home remedies for male yeast infection and […]