Free cash for home improvement

Tired of your dingy old place but can’t afford to pick me up? There can be a lot of free government money in home improvement grants that can help pay for that much-needed facelift on your home or property. If you are an American homeowner over the age of eighteen who needs to remodel or repair your home, then the […]

Fun facts about the Dominican Republic

DID YOU KNOW THAT … Dominican Oscar de la Renta is one of the best-known fashion designers of the 21st century. He was born on July 22, 1932 in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean. Her clothes are worn by Americans like Laura Bush (first lady) and Hillary Clinton […]

Using the "Cabling" Short reporter

(The original article below was published in the Milwaukee Law Journal in 2002. Following are groundbreaking changes in technology and the process since the original publication.) The introduction of computers to the court reporting industry in the mid-1970s opened the door to many new reporting products and services and is ultimately creating greater capacity for litigants. Computer-assisted transcription (CAT), the […]

5 ways to boost fall production

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a difficult year. First the pandemic; then be sent home to work; then you find it difficult to get in touch with people who also work from home … Now that fall is almost upon us, things are still up in the air: are our kids going back to school? Shall we go back […]

Monopoly Rules – Jail

Jail rules There are three ways you could end up in Monopoly jail. Throwing three doubles in a row Landing in space Go to jail on the monopoly board Steal a change card or community chest that says Go to Jail When one of the above three things happens, you go straight to jail, you don’t pass Go, and you […]

The Fender Stratocaster – Why do guitarists still love it after 50 years?

Tea Fender Strat, a design classic and guitar icon, loved by guitarists around the world, from unknown beginners who strum at home to some of the world’s most famous artists, it was designed by Leo Fender, George Fullerton and Freddie Tavares in 1954 and has been manufactured by Fender Musical Instrument Corporation since then. Perhaps one of the reasons for […]