Top Beauty Influencers on YouTube

Beauty YouTubers are mostly well known and often referred to as “beauty gurus”, “beauty vloggers” and/or “beauty influencers”. They are usually young women and men who create posts and videos on cosmetics, fashion, makeup, and other beauty-related topics on YouTube. There are over 45,000 YouTube channels specializing in fashion and beauty related content, videos on makeup tutorials, cosmetics/skincare shopping, beauty […]

Equifax Small Business Credit Risk Score

Dun & Bradstreet is the main company used to assess business credit and issue a credit score known as Paydex. There are also other companies that provide similar credit evaluation services to businesses based on their independent databases. One of them is Equifax, which offers a business credit scoring model known as the Equifax Small Business Enterprise/Equifax Small Business Credit […]

The right way to maintain your foot rails

Bars, kitchen islands and even card tables now have added functionality unlike in the past. Its added feature today is the foot rail which provides a comfortable resting place for your feet. With this accessory in place, people who use those areas can enjoy their time and not worry about tiring their feet. Toe rails are those long tubes you […]

Expand business with Portugal

Globalization and easily accessible communication channels have stimulated international business. With the increase in trade and investment between countries, the need for translation services is increasing. A proper translation helps companies reach their full potential. An effective translation service results in direct communication to the target audience and helps stakeholders work together efficiently on a project. India-Portugal Ties: Today, India […]

Routing Infrastructure: 5 Key Considerations!

For too long, the United States has avoided doing anything meaningful to address infrastructure needs, which have long been ignored and/or overlooked. If excuses, promises, and empty rhetoric did the trick, these needs would no longer need to be addressed. We have witnessed, too much, the deterioration of our bridges, roads and public transport, etc., because, unlike many other nations, […]

Learning your body alignment

Growing up, most children would be told how to sit, stand, and walk properly. As children, there is no need for properly cushioned running shoes, no need for ergonomic chairs for back pain, simply because as children we are still adjusting to the world. Maybe it’s the atmosphere, the food, the furniture, but even with all the things we’re told, […]

2 Secret Tips To Impress Black Women Dating White Men: Learn How To Make The Sexiest Woman Want You!

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to get the attention of black women who appreciate white men. Fortunately, I’m going to share with you 2 secret dating tips designed to help you attract black women dating white men. You may have struggled so far, but don’t worry, you’ll benefit from these tips. This article will detail two ways to […]

Bast, the Beloved Protector of Cats

She is the protector of cats, women and children. The ancient Egyptians celebrated her feast on October 31 with revelry, music, dancing in the streets, and drinks with friends—the kind of party we’d instantly recognize. A huge week-long festival was held in the holy city of Bubastis, attracting devotees from all over the country to celebrate along the riverbanks and […]