Free Nursing CEUS Approved by ANCC

Free Nursing CEUS Are you looking for free nursing CEUs? If so, you have come to the right place! You can find over 80 free nursing continuing education courses online at websites such as Wild Iris Medical Education. This California-based company is celebrating its 24th year in business. Wild Iris Medical Education offers a wide range of free CEUs and […]

How the Powerball Lottery Works

Powerball Lottery Works There are two ways to win the Powerball lottery. The first method involves picking the winning number. There are 50 numbers in the game. When you match at least three of them, you win. The second method involves matching three of the red Powerballs to the first number. Ultimately, a player can win the jackpot if he […]

New summary available for the Overexploited Oceans Strategy

In Strategy for the overexploited oceans, Nadya Zhexembayeva describes the principles for business survival in a new world. The planet is running out of resources for production, as well as space for the garbage generated by the current linear and waste economy. The free market will self-destruct unless people transition to a circular economy, where waste becomes a resource. Those […]

Get in on the home brewing craze

The art of brewing has been around for thousands of years. Some even believe that beer could be the driving force behind the agricultural revolution around 8000 BC. Whether you buy into the idea that beer saved the world or not, there’s simply no denying the recent rise in popularity of homebrewing. It seems that home brewing supply stores are […]

Pet Friendly Hotels: Bed and Breakfast in Ponder Cove

Pet-friendly hotels and accommodations are not the same. There are some that are really outstanding. Pet-friendly Bed & Breakfast in Ponder Cove is one of them. Located in Mars Hills, North Carolina (Asheville area), Bed & Breakfast at Ponder Cove is a one-of-a-kind pet-friendly luxury B&B. Surrounded by 92 acres of land, it offers plenty of room to stretch your […]

Use these handy tips to repair a garage door

From time immemorial until now, people have had bulky cars and scooters and there was always a need to store them in a place that is quite large but not part of the house, thus the concept of having garages came about. Garages are quite popular all over the world, some are small but some are really spacious and people […]