Secrets of Bonding 154: Be A Bean Counter

It’s not hot. No one has it on their business cards. It may not be in your official job description. But this article is the beginning of his new vocation as an official. Bean counter! An important area of ​​the bond is the “Guarantee Contract”. Refers to bid guarantees and performance of construction contracts. When we set up a new […]

COVID-19 and the fear of death

Our local newspaper headlines declared the grim facts: “The death toll reaches 2 million.” The article then began with these ominous words: “The global death toll from COVID-19 passed 2 million on Friday, crossing the threshold amid a vaccine rollout so immense but so uneven that in some countries there is real hope.” to beat the outbreak, while in other […]

The 4 best NETFLIX series you must watch

Want to watch something new on Netflix? Here is the list of the series you must watch. This list includes my personal favorites but with the highest IMDB rating. You may have heard a lot of Korean dramas these days as they are known for their best romance, sci-fi, and old-school fantasy. This list includes some of the best leading […]

Exploring Valletta, Malta

Whether it’s history, music, culture or just an idyllic beach holiday, Valletta is an affordable city to visit. Much like Rhodes, where you walk through cobbled streets and narrow alleys in a juxtaposition of history and modern life, Valletta can be both eye-catching and creepy. One man, so convinced that he was haunted, proceeded to write his own “ghost tours” […]

Reducing hemorrhoids and increasing faith

If you read my article ‘How Hemorrhoids Made Me Healthy, Fit and Sexy’ you will know how I treated my condition. Now find out how a severe hemorrhoid flare-up increased my faith in God. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This is what happened. In early 2009, I was shocked to see how the recession was eating into my RRSP savings. People […]

Walking with the Maasai and other adventures

As they stumbled down the road towards the Maasai Mara, they heard a low-flying helicopter. This was the first day of Di and Leonie’s safari and a Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) helicopter was flying an elephant back to the park. What an exciting way to start your week in Kenya! This post talks about his June safari through the Maasai […]

Cleaning your Curio cabinet the right and proper way

A high-end wood product requires constant care, so you should clean your furniture frequently. Most wood furniture, especially curio cabinets, is described by its natural markings, colors, and the character of the grain. This is what makes wooden furniture so rare and beautiful. To keep wood looking beautiful, it’s important to keep the temperature inside your home at a moderate […]

why i love blueberries

During my 35 years of chiropractic practice I have always been interested in nutrition. Blueberries are high on my list to be on everyone’s menu. This article will describe why blueberries may be important to our health. Included in this report will be a number of research studies showing the benefits of this amazing food. There have been many types […]