Five ideas to capture the essence of Valentine’s Day

It has become a challenge for every holiday: how to honor your intention, not business qualities. This is especially true for Valentine’s Day. How did Valentine’s Day come to be the most romantic holiday? Well, Valentine’s Day began as a celebration of one or several early Christian saints. There are a number of stories about martyred saints with this name. […]

Stress damages the body

Stress – Just hearing that word can evoke negative feelings and emotions! Stress itself isn’t necessarily unhealthy, after all, without our ancestors reacting to threats through their “fight or flight” instinct, we wouldn’t even be here. Chronic stress is the real enemy. When it comes to learning that requires the use of memory, chronic stress is a killer. It has […]

What Do You Understand By Conceptual Design?

Understand By Conceptual Design A successful design should accomplish something practical like conveying information or expressing a brand, all on top of being aesthetically pleasing. Conceptual design is what bridges this gap from abstract thought to visual characteristics and is undoubtedly one of the most important steps in the designing process. Whether you’re creating a logo, packaging, or website, conceptual […]

Social media cleaning guide

To organize your social networks you need to understand it. The industry is constantly growing and changing. Daniel Miller, professor of digital anthropology at UCL, recently discovered that people use different social networks with varying degrees of privacy. So, when you post to Facebook, for example, your intended audience may be close friends, but on Twitter you can tweak your […]

Your Mind Calibrates Visuals, Aromas, Flavors and Texture of Beer to Give Us Mouthfeel

Definitions of “mouthfeel” run the gambit, but none do justice to an extraordinarily complex topic. UC Davis and other universities have investigated mouthfeel, trying to quantify it on a numerical scale, with no success so far. Craft beer consumers have used descriptors such as a creamy mouthfeel, an almost chewy texture, or the feeling that the beer has a thick/coating […]

wooden office furniture

Office furniture was traditionally made of wood. Clients prefer wooden office furniture for its rich look and strength. The wood that is available falls into two categories, namely hardwoods and softwoods. But the word doesn’t actually mean how hard or soft the wood is. “Hardwood” refers to trees that shed their leaves seasonally and “softwood” refers to those that maintain […]