6 smartphone apps for smart moms in 2012

Using smartphones and smartphone devices, moms organize their day and keep kids entertained with the swipe of their finger.

As companies begin to realize the power and impact of the mommy market, more and more apps are being created to cater to busy moms and their kids today. However, I found that neither the applications nor the operating systems are the same. When it comes to FREE educational books and games for toddlers, iPhone has much more content, more challenging interactive learning games, and a larger collection of books. But, if you’re willing to spend a few bucks, there are plenty of book apps from popular titles like Dr. Seuss available and who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?

1. White Noise Baby (iPhone $ 0.99) and Baby pacifier (Android FREE)

Parents quickly discover that certain sounds can help calm a fussy baby. White Noise Baby (iPhone) and Baby Soother (Android) allow you to choose between various sounds such as ocean waves, vacuum cleaner, etc. to calm your fussy baby or lull him to sleep. You can also set the time and control the amount of time you want the sound to play.

2. MeeGenius! Children’s books (iPhone and Android) FREE

MeeGenius is a genius. Basically it turns your smartphone into a Kindle-esq tool for kids. Young readers can read a wide variety of popular and classic children’s stories on their own. Nonreaders can follow the highlighted text, promoting word recognition. The narrator also has a pleasant voice and is easy to understand. MeeGenius is a great app for kids when they are at the grocery store or when traveling.

3. Lemon: Updated receipts (iPhone and Android) FREE

Get rid of all those paper receipts cluttering your wallet. Lemon is a free, easy-to-use app that lets you scan your paper receipts and turn the images into useful taggable and searchable information so you can organize and keep track of your purchases.

4. Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant (iPhone) FREE

This app makes me jealous of all my mommy friends who have an iPhone. I couldn’t find an Android app that was so comprehensive and geared toward moms. So, feel free to share it if you do.

Intuition – Mom’s Personal Assistant is a brilliant mommy for mommy app. This app allows busy moms to group and organize their day effectively for maximum efficiency.

• GET ORGANIZED: Quickly capture and organize your to-dos, tasks, and wish lists.

• SIMPLIFY GROCERY LISTS – Easily create, save, and reuse shopping lists

• GET HELP: Email your to-do lists, purchases, and tips with friends and family.

• SAVE MONEY – Find local grocery coupons

• SYNCHRONIZE: schedule appointments and sync your calendar with iPhone, iCal and Google calendars via Google.

• LOCATION ASSISTANCE: Receive alerts when you are near stores and locations where you can complete your errands.

5,170,000+ Large Oven Recipes (iPhone and Android) FREE

Spice up family dinners with your choice of over 170,000 recipes available at Big Oven. This app allows you to choose recipes by title, keyword, course, or ingredient and save family favorites in a separate folder. You can also enter the ingredients you have in the kitchen and Big Oven will give you suggestions. Ideal for busy moms, Big Oven also has a wide selection of slow cooker recipes and all recipes have a detailed shopping list. Upgrade to Big Oven Pro and ($ 15.99) and you can organize dinner plans for every day of the week by dragging and dropping those recipes into the online meal planner.

Do you have a little more time to spend in the kitchen? Try Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List (iPhone and Android) for FREE

The Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List app allows you to search over 30,000 recipes from the popular Epicurious website. Search by food / course, cuisine, dietary considerations, type of dish, or season or occasion. Once you find the recipes your family likes, you can save them to your favorites, add the ingredients to your shopping list, and even email them to your friends.

6. Mom’s maps (iPhone and Android) $ 2.99 premium edition. FREE edition available for Android users

Looking for a great place for a play date? Need to have fun indoors on a rainy day or at a nearby playground when you’re on the go? Mom Maps (Premium) lets you tap into the collective wisdom of parents everywhere to find kid-friendly fun when you need it. Look for indoor parks, play areas, restaurants, museums, and play areas, as well as parent and parent reviews.


Save and bookmark your favorite locations

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