8 steps to show your ex-girlfriend that you deserve a second chance

All couples cry over breakups and most of them move on after recovering and accepting that they are not really made for each other. However, there are couples who cannot move on and still hope to get back together. But how are you going to tell your ex-girlfriend that you realized how silly you are doing the things that hurt her and you just realized that you can’t live without her? How are you going to convince her when she has to go ahead and get over you?

This would be difficult, but you have to put up with it all if you really want me to come back. The best thing to do is the following;

1. Time is always a good healer. Give her as much time as she wants if she asks her to consider and think about having you back.

2. Don’t rush or keep bothering her. Be patient since you are the one who ruined your relationship, so be strong and do your best to show that you regret what you have done to him and that you deserve a second chance.

3. Sincerity. This is the most important part of showing her that you are very sincere and that you really want her back. Tell her that you can’t live without her and show her that your intentions are true.

4. Don’t overdo it. Do not suffocate her for the relationship, you do like to have her back but forcing her to give in is not the solution. The suffocating partner always leads to breakups, and if you’re working to keep her from choking, that’s the least she needs.

5. Make it as simple as possible. There is no need for extravagant gifts to bribe her, she won’t believe you if you do.

6. Constant communication. Don’t forget to say “Good morning” to her every morning she gets up and don’t forget to say “Good night and sweet dreams” before you go to bed. Being so sweet and romantic is what most women like but if you are not prepared to keep it as a habit especially if she accepts you, do not do it. Don’t cheat on her, as you will only hurt her more if you do.

7. Show your sincerity. It takes time to show her that you really are sincere, and don’t forget to tell her how sorry you are.

8. Make a promise that you can keep. Don’t make impossible promises, make promises as simple as possible and make sure you can keep them and deliver them. As if he wouldn’t do the same again if he ever got another chance.

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