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Anderson Silva Workout – Diet And Exercise Program Followed By MMA Legend Revealed

Anderson Silva is a Brazilian-born mixed martial artist and current UFC Middleweight Champion. He has the longest active win at 10 wins and is considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC. Nicknamed “The Spider”, Silva dominates his opponents with his long legs, incredible stamina and strength. He is one of the gambling athletes in the UFC and works incredibly hard to maintain his chiseled physique and fighting form.

Silva’s training plan includes time spent on cardio, flexibility, grappling/boxing/wrestling skills, and weight lifting. His goals are to build a strong body while staying within his weight requirements and staying fast and fast.


His training regimen includes long-distance runs (3 to 5 miles), followed by high-intensity interval training sessions. Typically this means shorter sprints (100 meters), push-ups, pull-ups, mountain climbers, and other bodyweight movements designed to stimulate the central nervous system and improve maximal oxygen intake.

Cardio is followed by rigorous stretching that includes stretching your arms, legs, and core to not only maintain flexibility, but also to ensure your muscles remain loose, flexible, and capable of your famous quick punches.


Silva works out a program that includes heavy compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, and power cleans. A similar schedule is as follows:

Workout A: Back Squat 3×5, Bench Press 3×5, Power Clean 3×5 Workout B: Back Squat 3×5, Bench Press 3×5, Deadlift 1×5

Alternate your workouts three days a week with a rest day between each session. Start the first week with Workout A and the second week with Workout B. You can add other work like sit-ups or pull-ups, but you want to gain weight pretty much every time you walk into the gym.

If you’re serious about building a body like Anderson Silva’s, diet and exercise will only get you halfway there. Supplements like nitric oxide will help you increase blood flow to your muscles. It can give you stronger workouts, faster muscle gains, increased stamina, and quicker recovery times. These effects allow you to exercise more frequently and gain the athletic edge you need. The harder you train, the more nitric oxide can benefit you and your body.

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