You’re paying almost 40% more for your video games

If you look at how video games were sold 20 years ago, you can see how drastically different things are now compared to the past. It used to be simple; developers create a game for people to enjoy and sell it for a starting price that depreciates over time depending on how well the game is received. Critically acclaimed releases […]

Choosing the best entertainment for your event

The type of event you host will greatly influence the entertainment you need to hire. Whether it’s a formal corporate function, a wedding, a 21st birthday, a family reunion, or a fundraiser, you need to choose the right entertainment that suits your guests’ personalities and the occasion as well. You can choose to organize the entire event yourself, including hiring […]

Siberian husky training

Siberian Huskies are intelligent dogs. As such, the training of the Siberian Husky must also be smart. While there are many dog ​​breeds that respond well to impromptu training sessions, Siberian Huskies need a system that is more structured and consistent. Siberian Husky training should start from day one when you bring your Husky puppy (or adopted adult dog) home. […]

How to run comps on a wholesale offer

In real estate investing, your earnings are determined based on how you buy the property. Not so much for how much you sell it. Running comparables is a key component to your success. You need to know how much the repaired property is worth, as well as what properties are being sold to compared to your property in question in […]

The Boeing 747: the end of an era

The Boeing 747, often referred to as the “Jumbo Jet”, was a notable commercial aircraft for its time. The first wide-body aircraft produced in the world, the so-called “Queen of the Skies”, featured an upper deck and passenger capacity that remained unrivaled for decades. The 747-100 first entered service in 1970 with the now-defunct PanAm. The -200 model followed in […]

My 3 best coaches

Coaching for me is more of a passion than a job. There are countless experienced trainers in the world who I admire and then model my training methods. Some of these coaches are Gregg Popovich, Steve Kerr, and John Calipari. Like I said, there are several coaches in the game of basketball that I admire, but these three coaching methods […]

The Marble Halls of the Oregon Metro

Serendipity is a wonderful thing: the discovery of something when one is not seeking to discover it. Oregon Caves, in the southwestern part of the state, is a case in point. Elijah Davidson went out one day in 1874 to hunt deer with his dog. After you downed a deer, your dog caught the scent of a bear. The bear […]

If you are an ugly boy, can you get a real baby?

Join the girls in the queue: Flavio Braitore keeps you young Following the reveal that Jack Osborne (plump, spicy, hamster-faced) managed to pull on Paris Hilton (annoyed, obsessed, and selfish but undeniably sexy), MioBlog decided to look back at the men who have actually beaten above their weight. Instead of making fun of these tough souls, I say we applaud […]