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Bliss, insight and trance

Let’s dive into hypnotic science a bit for a moment.

Before we had gadgets to look inside the brain, scientists disagreed on the subject.

Did Hypnosis Work?

If it worked, was he really doing something “real” or was it all in the subject’s head?

It was strangely controversial. I say ‘weird’ because anyone looking at it could see things happening that would otherwise be impossible.

Like surgeons who operate on people without using pain relievers or any drugs.

In fact, the patients remained conscious throughout the procedure. And not only did they not feel pain during, they felt less pain and had fewer complications afterward than other patients.

(If that sounds too good to be true, there is a catch. Not all patients can reach that state reliably, and not all hypnotists know how to cultivate it. Drugs work not so much “better” but “easier”).

Something inexplicable was happening here, be it hypnosis or something else.

Now, hypnosis, as a real and effective tool, has the seal of approval of science. Scientists no longer wonder if it works, just what its limits are.

Like all attitude changes, this had many catalysts.

One of them is the ability to see inside a living brain.

Once it became trivial to see brain waves, blood flow, and electrical activity, it was easy to prove. The researchers used these tools on people, hypnotized them, and saw the changes for themselves.

And, boy, what changes did they see.

Anyone who says they know what hypnosis does to the brain is exaggerating. The brain remains a mystery.

But we do know some of the things hypnosis does.

Change the brain waves to those associated with deep meditative trances.

Your lobes will synchronize their brain waves.

Both hemispheres communicate more with each other.

And it alters blood flow in strange and interesting ways.

Again, what this all means isn’t entirely clear … but it’s not a total mystery either.

When your lobes and hemispheres are synchronized in this way, fun things tend to happen.

Anything from a state of deep and pure bliss …

… to a sudden flash of perception, where you see everything in perspective …

… to a richer sense of consciousness, as if someone raised the resolution of the world.

This can feel deeply enjoyable, right down to the mystical revelation in which you feel one with the universe.

Even a hypnosis routine on stage, played solely for pranks, can create both states.

(Although the former is much more likely).

And that’s just the tip of what hypnosis can do.

Because in this state of mind, your limitations can simply disappear. Do it enough and they will never come back.

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