High level of estrogen? The 5 main symptoms

High estrogen levels are not a very popular topic for menopausal women these days. In fact, the hottest topic in menopause is low estrogen, but what about all the women who experience high estrogen symptoms? Typically, women in perimenopause (the early stages of menopause) experience estrogen-predominant symptoms before experiencing low-estrogen symptoms. Why? During this time, our progesterone levels are low. […]

Buddakan, New York

My love story with food has to compete with my love story with New York. I contemplated posting my first article about a place in Sydney where I live, however I thought it would be more authentic to start with a place in New York as I just got back from my trip and this would be my last foodie […]

Can acne scars be removed?

What is acne? To answer the question, “Can acne scars be removed?” you need to understand what acne is. They are the red or brown pimples that appear on the face and other parts of the body caused by an infection in the sebaceous gland. Once the swelling goes away, the marks left on the skin are the acne scar. […]

Candida Cleanse Diet Detox: 12 Tips for Success

Here are 12 dietary tips to help you eat right, clean up successfully, and keep your meals tasting great. 1) Remember always check the ingredient list of anything grocery shopping … LOTS of foods including meats contain added sugars, yeast, and soy products that you wouldn’t expect! When cleaning Candida, keep in mind that fresh, organic ingredients will give you […]

Why do 2,000,000 Americans play pickleball?

Why do 2,000,000 Americans play pickleball? That’s the question I asked myself every time I passed the tennis and pickleball courts at my new home development on Arbor Creek in Southport, North Carolina. The first few weeks I was too busy unpacking boxes to join in the fun, but a friend (who plays twice a week) said, “Joe, you’ll love […]

Eat your vegetables! Simple cooking methods

Vegetables add color, flavor, texture, and volume to our daily diet. There are dozens of different vegetables that can be prepared in literally hundreds of ways. So what is the best? There is nothing better. What you need to do is eat your vegetables, many, every day in a wide variety of ways and stop worrying about preparation methods. Variety […]