Squatter Eviction: Know Your Rights

It is surprising when it happens. An absent owner may be completely unaware that someone lives on his property. When a person lives on the property without having permission from the property owner, it is known as “squatting.” In some cases, squatters have been known to live in vacant houses and buildings for years before being discovered by the landlord. […]

Cash offers for keys used to persuade foreclosure victims to leave their homes peacefully

Banks are increasingly beginning to rely on a unique method of bribing homeowners to leave a property foreclosed without causing damage to the home. For a few thousand dollars, banks try to persuade foreclosure victims to leave the home without having to be evicted and without ripping out any of the fixtures or rendering the home uninhabitable. Homeowners with no […]

Sliding glass door replacement

This article will be about replacing an old sliding glass door with a modern sliding glass door with a vinyl frame. If you currently have French doors and want to replace them with sliding doors, or vice versa, future articles will cover that topic. The first thing we need to do is measure the replacement door. You want to measure […]

All about mailing lists

OK. The title of this article can be a bit misleading. He probably should have titled it “a few things about mailing lists.” Actually, I’m not going to cover everything about mailing lists. There is too much to cover. Today I will cover the basics. So if you are new to direct mail, you will appreciate the simplicity of this […]

Safety: a path full of obstacles!

This week I am a completely different road warrior. I’m usually the type to carry my laptop from city to city and travel remotely across the country. This month I have had a few weeks in the office, my real office in downtown Richmond, not my virtual office. The complaint I have is the treacherous commute from the West End […]

Storage units: benefits and importance

Storage units give you the ability to access your surplus belongings whenever you want. It can be very beneficial when it comes to selling your home, moving your home or office building, home or business alterations, and more. It’s no secret that a less confusing home looks more spacious. Anyone can use self-storage to keep any item, for any period, […]

The Dirty And Negative Facts About FHA Loans

Owner-occupant home buyers are not often seen as investors trying to make money, so they pay full price for a home and get a government-insured loan for the purchase, without much thought. Most of your focus is on choosing the right neighborhood or the right style and location. These are the fundamentals that are more important to them than money. […]

Why Every Homeowner Needs a Property Tax Doctor

Because every homeowner who protests their appraisals, with an understanding of how the property tax appraisal system works, often receives tax savings of $ 500 to $ 1000, if not more annually on their tax bill. the property. Simply put, the property tax bill is calculated by multiplying the homeowner’s assessment by the local property tax rate and subtracting the […]