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Colon irrigation: everything you wanted to know

If your friends insinuate that you are a piece of shit, maybe you should take some action. Colon irrigation, long considered an exotic enema not intended for mere mortals, may not be at all. At least not now.

Colon irrigation is the use of water that has been enhanced by minerals to pass through the colon and a light massage.

It may sound a bit vile, but therapists who practice this say that cleansing the colon has benefits that, in addition to improving the digestive system, include brightening your skin and even changing your sex life.

If you want some of this butt treatment and are not affected by side effects including diarrhea for a few days and excessive farting, maybe you can try this treatment.

What is colon irrigation?

Colon irrigation is a process that involves introducing fluid into the large intestine and removing poisons, which are usually gases and fecal matter that has not been removed.

Some people, who try this treatment once, actually prefer to come back for bi-monthly therapies and claim that it makes them feel better as they have no waste material inside of them for a long time. This, of course, is not true.

Critics say that irrigation of the colon is useless, as the contents of the intestine are regularly eliminated on its own. Bacteria have a very important role to play. The whole process is an unnecessary interference with nature and its balance.

Colonic hydrotherapy practitioners, however, have other claims (understandably) and say that:

* This can cure common problems like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and allergies, and even halitosis.

* As food fades faster, it helps people who have bulging stomach bags.

* It is a great complementary therapy with a detox diet and can ensure a complete elimination of all toxins.

* Improves many parts of the body such as the skin, lungs, and urinary tract, as proper colon function is important here.

Getting started with Colonic

Chat with a known therapist who can explain the benefits and logic behind affirmations. It could also tell you if you would be a good candidate.

Those who are convinced are taken to a room and forced to lie face down after undressing.

A machine that is perhaps intentionally designed to look like a vacuum cleaner is wall-mounted and has a large, protruding hose. You may have thoughts of ending the session, but before you can say anything, this ending passes between your buttocks.

Once this is done, the machine kicks in and water with lots of minerals and sometimes even helpful bacteria travels and fills your intestines.

Then the machine is turned off and the stomach is massaged. After about five minutes, the machine is turned on again and the impure water flows back through the hose.

After you get to see the accumulated debris inside you flowing, the wizard leaves you alone. And even though you may think that everything in you is gone, you will feel an uncontrolled desire to empty yourself, and before you know it, a large amount of matter will explode when you enter the bathroom.

Colonic facts

* The treatment uses about 60 liters of filtered water.

* Of this, about 15 liters enter the intestine.

* Maintenance treatments are generally recommended.

* This is quite safe, if the proper sterile equipment is used, and the only side effects are short-term diarrhea and excessive flatulence.

* And the treatment is not habit-forming (thank goodness for that!)

If you want to try some colon cleansing yourself now, make sure you are the right candidate by first discussing the idea with a doctor. Only visit a medical spa where the equipment is properly sterilized, and remember that getting the treatment too often is not only expensive (and disgusting), it can also interfere with your natural bowel patterns.

The information in the article is not intended to replace the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to review any decision about treatment or care from an appropriate healthcare provider.

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