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Creating a Pup Person in Human Pup Play

A person is your face, what people see when you express yourself. In the everyday world we present different faces to people, depending on the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We have a working me, a sexy me, a friend me, and even a child me. Rarely are we completely open and exposed as our complete being to someone. At the beginning of life, as human beings, we learn to create expressions to achieve what we want and to get along socially with others. As a puppy, you will adapt to make a person who will get along in the role of puppy. It is natural to hide parts of ourselves from others to maintain privacy. So when you come to the human pup game, it will be easy for you to keep this passion private.

As a human, you have had decades to create one self, in fact to create multiple selves. That experience makes creating a “puppy me”, a me that shows what you want it to show, much easier than you might think at first.

Imagine that it is the dog in you. You, the human, always hold that dog in your arms. At this stage you certainly cannot express your puppy self in a way that does not involve your humanity. So visualize yourself cradling that young dog, which is your puppy self, like a puppy in your arms.

Hold your puppy and let him rest on your shoulder so that he looks back while you, as a human, have your back turned and are not communicating. This is how you two will forge yourselves at this early stage.

You control your puppy self and protect it as you learn and experience puppy play while you as a man look away and let it look and explore. Imagine that your puppy self is loved and cared for by you.

Of course, you will need to choose a name for your puppy self. The name of your puppy is chosen in collaboration between your owner and you. It is important to have a different name that resonates emotionally with both of us. But the name alone is not enough to form your puppy self. You must visualize a nascent person, a puppy that you hold.

Every puppy is different, and to realize your own individual puppy self we need to borrow an idea from the ancient Romans. They believed that each person has a “genius”; no, not what it means now in our modern world, but the original definition. To the ancient Romans, your genius was a personal guardian spirit that watches over your destiny and helps shape your distinctive individuality. So once you’ve visualized your puppy, you can move on to seeing that puppy as your own guardian spirit, your Genie. And he wants you to be your own unique pup!

This act of making a unique puppy is a creative endeavor, and the benefit of being a creative puppy is that it also helps you as a human being; your Genius leads your whole being to feel fulfilled, fulfilled and to have a meaning for your life. So following your Genius puppy spirit is very important! At this point, it is vital that you recognize that a Genius spirit is an imaginative construct of yours. It may have a spiritual dimension to you, but that is not necessary for childhood and is your own personal choice. Creative visualization is the primary action, the main thing you should focus on.

Engaging with your Genius puppy starts with being creative and manifesting your own unique spirit. These activities and exercises that follow should all be done simultaneously. No, not literally all together at the same time. Rather than doing just one of the exercises, completing it, and then moving on to another, you should do part of one exercise, work on another, and participate in all activities before completing any of them. There’s good reason for this: Your brain works best at being creative this way, as your internal conversation in your head (those pesky human thoughts) will serve as crossover conversation and actually come in handy. You can take ideas from one activity and see how they can work with another. It is what makes you smarter than a turtle and you should use this rather than avoid it. Also, it is important to do these exercises and activities alone. Do not ask anyone for help other than your coach. Your Genius is the guide that will help you, not someone else’s spirit.

There are a few activities that can be done to help create your Pup Persona, not in any order, but they must be done simultaneously.


Make yourself comfortable and sit down with a notepad or notebook. Write, that is, write a poem about your puppy self. If poetry is not your thing, then write a song. Anyone can write a song, we did it as children. If you find that you are not that lyrical, find a song or poem that you feel connected to as your puppy self. Rewrite it, changing the words to make that poem or song an expression of your own unique puppy self.


Draw a picture of your puppy self. It may be an ideal of what you imagine your puppy self to be. It shouldn’t be photorealism in the style of yours on your puppy gear. It should be a vision of how you ideally look, if you could make it happen magically. If you are not an artist, look for a furry (anthropomorphic) image that you really like and identify with. Recolor it, tweak it with Photoshop or another graphic editing program, until you feel like it at least looks a little like your ideal self.


Again, sit back and make yourself comfortable, grabbing that notepad or keyboard. Write a short story about or about your puppy self. You can do this as a series of journal or journal entries, talking about your fictional day as your puppy self. Or you can write it like a novel, with a narrative. Here’s a premise to help you do just that:

Imagine that your puppy self decides to go on an adventure on the road. Imagine your preparations, what you are wearing, how you travel, if you have company on the adventure, and any other details that make the scene come to life in your mind. Then answer a few questions to move the story forward.

1: What is your puppy leaving behind? Join us? Boring job? A stressful life? A family? A crime?

2: What is the main emotion your puppy experiences when setting out on his adventure? Emotion? Fear? Anger? Relief? Indifference?

3: Your puppy sees a hitchhiker who doesn’t seem threatening. Do you … Run past the hitchhiker Slow down, but decide not to stop? Stop, take a closer look, and then decide? Pick up the hitchhiker and socialize nicely with him? Pick up the hitchhiker and cautiously strike up a conversation with him?

4: Your cub then arrives in a country town and is invited to drink with a group of tough local guys, including the city policeman. You … you say no nervously and get out of there as quickly as possible? Say no reluctantly? Act without compromise to escape? Say yes reluctantly? Say yes with enthusiasm?

5: At a rest stop, you strike up a conversation with another pup who, it turns out, is also on a road adventure. Do you run away without saying goodbye? End the conversation cautiously and then go your own way? End the conversation reluctantly and then go your own way? Do you invite yourself to the adventure of the other puppies? Invite the other puppy to join you?

6: How does your adventure on the road end? Are you coming home richer and wiser? Do you return home defeated and deflated? Do you get somewhere and start a new life? Do you get somewhere and repeat your old ways? Do you get somewhere, but only to take a break before your next adventure?

Pup Play should be fun and enjoyable, but it can be more than just a sexual fetish. It can also be a creative outlet to express yourself.

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