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Does muscle milk affect penis size?

So does muscle milk affect penis size? LOL! I find the question ridiculous, but since so much is being asked on various forums, it must be a concern for several men.

First, what is Muscle Milk? It is a popular muscle building protein supplement created by CytoSport, a company founded by the father and his team of Greg and Mike Pickett.

Like most protein drinks, it is made primarily from whey protein, the protein found in milk. It also includes casein. This is why it is said to be “evolutionary”.

Whey protein is absorbed into the bloodstream relatively quickly, but it is also burned just as quickly, and much of the whey consumed after a workout will not be used for protein synthesis.

On the other hand, casein takes longer to absorb, but it also stays in the body much longer. This duality of having fast-absorbing and slow-releasing proteins enhances the muscle-building process, as some form of protein will always be available: whey for the first few hours and casein for the next few hours.

The reasoning is sound, but it is unclear whether this is what actually happens in practice. The three different studies that I have seen seem inconclusive. All I can say is that Muscle Milk is at least as good as any regular whey protein.

Its name “Muscle Milk” is due to the effect that human breast milk has on a baby, that is, nourishing and providing immunity.

In addition to proteins, it contains compounds such as bovine colostrum that have important anabolic properties.

Colostrum is the milk produced by a human female 24-48 hours after birth. Bovine colostrum comes from cows and is believed to have even more of these anabolic (growth) properties.

And now the most important question: Does Muscle Milk affect penis size?

As I noted earlier, the question is ridiculous, but if you look at it more closely, maybe it’s plausible. After all, it contains anabolic properties that aid muscle growth. Shouldn’t they also help with penis growth?

Unfortunately not. The muscle growth that results from taking Muscle Milk only occurs when you participate in an intense workout. Intense training causes micro tears in muscle tissues.

The healing of these micro-tears with the help of excess protein calories is what actually causes growth.

There are no micro-tears in the penis and therefore there is no increase in size. Also understand that the penis is primarily made up of cartilage and fibrous tissue.

Even if you somehow manage to put it through the kind of intense training you do on your biceps and chest, it won’t grow.

So again, let me be crystal clear. Muscle Milk does not affect the size of the penis.

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