Everflow Oxygen Concentrator For Sale – Features And Benefits

Features And Benefits

Applications and uses. Gently employed by many Respiratory Therapists and Oxygen Therapy Providers, the evergreen Respironics EverClean is a versatile Stationary Oxygen concentrator. Designed specifically for individuals seeking something more out of their oxygen concentrators, this portable oxygen concentrator offers enhanced Oxygen Therapy for patients who may need 5 liters or more of oxygen in the air. Considered an economic alternative to traditional oxygen therapies, the EverClean oxygen tank is a quality product that can be purchased in a variety of strengths and configurations.

The buy portable oxygen concentrator is made with high-grade stainless steel, is lightweight (weight varies according to product specifications), and has an affordable price tag. Its unique patented technology ensures that oxygen is delivered with maximum efficiency and portability. The unit’s portability is achieved through the use of its dual tanks; one holding compressed oxygen and another containing pressurized air. The oxygen tank is designed to release oxygen on demand, while the compressed air tank is intended for storage and is available in optional single, double, or triple configurations.

The EverClean concentrator is sold with multiple interchangeable oxygen tanks, which allow the user to change the pressure and length of their session and even replace old concentrators when necessary. For added convenience, each concentrator is equipped with a hand-held remote control. One can adjust the flow and speed of the concentrator’s flow with the remote. The unit is also compatible with most refilling kits including: Autopilot Refill System, Medela Professional Refill System, Oxygen Plus, and Dual Flow Professional Concentrator.

Everflow Oxygen Concentrator For Sale

The Everflow concentrators for sale are manufactured with advanced technology. Some are even equipped with the patented Oxygen Ring technology, which is designed to prevent the build-up of black soot during filling. The concentrators are also very lightweight. One can easily carry it from place to place. The product also has a one year limited manufacturer warranty. Other features of this concentration include the following:

Users of the Everflow concentrator for sale enjoy quick, safe, clean inhalation therapy. Unlike other concentrators, the Everflow concentrator is able to deliver pure oxygen at pressures of up to eighteen inches. This means that patients do not have to strain to inhale; thus reducing any pain or discomfort while inhaling. The concentrator is also very easy to clean with one’s hand.

The Everflow concentrators for sale are also highly recommended by physicians and doctors. These accessories allow users to get maximum benefits from their treatment sessions. The unique concentrator system is the result of years of research and testing by the Everflow Company. The company has spent a considerable amount of time and money perfecting this innovative product. It can be considered as one of the best products for oral oxygen therapy available today.

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