Favorite Controversial NFL Moment Thanksgiving Day 2012 Houston Texans Vs Detroit Lions

Well I actually watched part of this game during their Thanksgiving stream while breaking bread with my family etc. But I saw this particular touchdown game as it was happening. And it resulted in the controversy that followed soon after, which also set me back like others. Talk about referees who “follow the rules” to the letter! Confusing and yet this rule is still in a gray area.

I saw two Lions defensive players attack Texans running back Justin Forsett, and then two or three points of his body hit the ground horizontally as a result. You can see this play online from a good angle, but at the time of the live action, I saw other angles that convinced me of this. Now for some reason the runner got up and kept running for the scoreboard. The two Lions defenders who tackled him stopped when they made contact down with him and felt the play was over. Another Lions defender chased him not 100% sure because of his distance from the initial tackle, so he was simply reacting to a player running toward the end zone.

Now this got interesting when the referee called a touchdown for the Texans. Yeah, again I say, it knocked me down a bit. I even yelled at the coach to challenge this play. I didn’t know that if after a touchdown it’s an automatic review and there’s no need for a coach to challenge the decision. I figured it had to be a “questionable” call anyway for the review to take place. And the obvious would be the flags thrown by the referees after a touchdown that will keep the coach from getting upset. Additionally, instant replay shots would allow fans at home to see any issues with the play and fans in the stadium would also receive an instant replay review on the “jumbo-tron.”

The most interesting thing about this rule is that the coach cannot drop his challenge flag or it will result in a “no review” meaning the play or score will stand as directed by the Officials. Again, I thought in the past that if the coach throws the challenge flag, if the play is reviewed and the umpires honor his call, then the coach gets a penalty in the form of yards on his team’s next possession or loss. of time. -outside. It seems to me that this would have been the appropriate call. That’s why it made my “favorites” list of memorable moments from 2012.

Coach Jim Schwartz stated at the end that he knew the rule and that it was a huge mistake on his part. Still, this play should have been reviewed and the marker returned because it was a valid player less than two defenders. Not every coach who watches every touchdown play would want to challenge her if they feared losing timeouts or yards. So it’s not going to slow down the game or be done out of spite for the scoring team.

We all want the sheet music to be legitimate.

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