Five fun baby shower games

Baby shower games are a great way to help your guests get to know each other and are a fun way to pass the time. The best thing about baby shower games is that everyone from great-grandmothers to teenagers can enjoy them. Some baby shower games are quiet while others are loud and vocal. Before adding the baby shower games, you need to decide how long you want the shower to last. You should plan 2-4 hours for the baby shower if you add some games. Get to know the baby shower audience. Some people just like to sit back and catch up with old friends or family, while others enjoy playing games. Here are five creative baby shower games to help you get started:

Truth or Dare baby

Do you have some people who love to play trivia games? Baby reality or dare is the ideal game for you. Some of the questions to ask should include questions from family members such as grandmother or sisters. Also talk to the expectant mother and ask her some questions like how are you planning to name the baby, when is the due date, what is the sex of the baby, etc. Ask these questions for the game of truth or challenge. The guest who is able to successfully answer the question will receive a prize. If they don’t get it right, they have to take on a challenge.

Measure yourself mommy

Always talk to the expectant mother about this game because some women do not like to have their tummies measured so that others will find out. To measure mom, your guests will predict how big her belly is. Give them all the toilet paper to use to figure out how many squares of toilet paper it will take to surround the new mommy’s belly. Once everyone has their toilet paper ready, each guest has a chance to take their toilet paper and wrap it around their belly to see who is closest. It is a fun game for a future mom who has a good sense of humor. You can also use tape if you don’t want to waste your toilet paper.

Name that baby food

Take a few different jars of baby food, remove the labels, and number. Be sure to write down the correct ingredients for each jar of baby food. Pass out the baby food and have your baby shower guests try to guess what flavor of baby food is in the jar. The person who can get all the jars correctly or the person who gets the highest number correctly is the winner.

Baby items from A to Z

Print out a sheet of paper that has all the letters of the alphabet on it and hand them out to your guests. Give them about 3 minutes to write a baby-related article that begins with each letter of the alphabet. You need to get some baby related items for harder letters like Z and X so you can tell your guests what some are in case they ask “which baby item starts with X?” The person who gets the most baby items on paper is the winner.

Themed games

If you have chosen a baby shower theme, be sure to play games that are closely related to it. For example, if you are making a bedtime theme, you can make a singing game in which each guest has to remember a song they used when they rocked their babies to sleep. This is a fun way to see what songs other moms have used.

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