Guidelines For Noise Levels In Loughborough Student Accommodation

Guidelines For Noise Levels In Loughborough

Whether students live in halls, digs or flats, good quality accommodation is an essential part of the university experience. It gives them a space to socialise, work and relax in and can be the difference between enjoying university life or finding it off-putting and stressful. But it’s not just about the space, there are also guidelines for noise levels that should be respected to ensure that everyone enjoys a peaceful living environment.

It’s important for students to be aware of the limits to their tolerance of noise. While some students thrive in the noise and commotion of college, others find it off-putting or even distracting. But it’s not just loud voices, music and parties that can disturb the peace and quiet; there are other issues that can affect sleep, studying, personal hygiene, and general comfort.

There are many different ways that students can address noise problems within their Loughborough student accommodation. If they can approach the person making the noise and explain their concerns, this is often enough to resolve the issue. Often people are simply unaware of the amount of disturbance they’re causing and once they realise how disruptive their behaviour is, they will be happy to make changes.

Guidelines For Noise Levels In Loughborough Student Accommodation

If this doesn’t solve the problem, Loughborough student accommodation can ask their RA or a member of staff for help. Most accommodation providers have a complaints process and will be happy to resolve the issue for all involved.

Some communities have dedicated quiet rooms where students can study in peace without being disturbed. These are usually situated close to the main communal areas, but can be easily accessed from all rooms. This is an excellent way for students to get a better night’s rest and be prepared for the next day of classes.

Another option is to purchase a white noise machine which can be helpful for blocking out the sounds of other residents’ apartments or outside traffic. This can be found online and in most electronics stores. It may not be as effective for those who live in more noisy buildings but it can help reduce the ambient sound level and improve sleeping conditions.

Student accommodation often brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds. Embrace diversity and foster inclusion within your accommodation community. Celebrate different cultures, traditions, and holidays through cultural exchange events or themed gatherings. Create opportunities for dialogue and understanding among residents from various backgrounds. Be open-minded, respectful, and appreciative of the diversity within your accommodation. By fostering inclusion and celebrating diversity, you contribute to a vibrant and enriching living environment that embraces the uniqueness of each individual.

The acoustic properties of an apartment or room can be significantly improved by installing noise reduction flooring such as Marmoleum Decibel. This solution combines the benefits of natural fibres with advanced acoustic technology to provide exceptional acoustic performance. It can lower impact noise by up to 28 dB and it has the added advantage of being easy to clean and hard wearing. Students can talk to their RA or a member of staff about this solution and how it can be installed in their student accommodation. They can also visit the Marmoleum website for more information and a video showing how the product works.

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