Haunted Pennsylvania Travel Tips

Speaking of haunted Pennsylvania, there are plenty of bits about this state that are extremely creepy and good enough to send a shiver down your spine with the details of the haunting activities. To begin the list of some of the places that make Pennsylvania known as “Haunted Pennsylvania”, we would start the journey with the history of the House on King Street.

Located in York, Pennsylvania, a small family of four used to reside in this house and sadly they were all brutally murdered in the same house.

Since then, it is said that all members of the family frequent the house. People reported hearing footsteps originating from the attic even though the attic was completely blocked off. The cabinets in the house tend to close and open on their own and the doors close suddenly.

Passers-by say they have seen lights turning on and off. They often notice that a little boy around 7 years old appears in various rooms of the house and instantly disappears into thin air as soon as someone says something.

Next in our discussion of Haunted Pennsylvania comes the Loucks Mills Road case. This house is located in Ulysses, Pennsylvania and is supposedly haunted by numerous ghosts.

Supposedly, these ghosts have a problem with sleeping people. They do not want anyone to sleep and therefore tend to create strange activities in the deep hours of the night. It is held that in the heart of the night, the quilt and blankets and sheets inexplicably begin to float above the bed.

Next, we would like to mention the Resurrection Cemetery. The cemetery is located in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. During the 1940s, a young woman lived across the street from this cemetery.

She soon contracted tuberculosis, succumbed to the disease, and was buried in the same cemetery in a white ball gown. At that time, people began to report seeing a dazzling and illuminating apparition of a girl in the dead hours of dark nights walking along the entire side of the road.

People say that if someone stops, they ask for a ride explaining that they are lost, but as soon as the car passes the cemetery property line, the girl vanishes into thin air. No wonder this is another one of the places she makes Pennsylvania “Haunted Pennsylvania.”

Another element that obviously contributes to the idea of ​​Haunted Pennsylvania is that of the Crying Boy. This incident comes from Towanda, Pennsylvania. There is a small house on the way to Towanda which is said to be haunted by many ghosts.

Often people who come to leave this neighborhood tend to leave within a few weeks. People reported seeing an elderly man walking to an outside house while a middle-aged woman is seen hanging laundry in the sun.

One couple in particular even reported hearing their young son tell someone he doesn’t want to play anymore and then seeing him run out of the room in tears as his friend spit in his eye and punched him in the face with his toy kangaroo. .

Well, with so many spooky stories flying through the air, PA is truly ‘Haunted Pennsylvania.’

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