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How to get a bronze glow without the tanning bed

It is a sad fact that someone receives the terrible news every 62 minutes that their life will be changed forever because of skin cancer. Skin cancer is less and less rare each year; in fact, statistics show an 800% increase in skin cancer. There are healthy alternatives to tanning beds and tanning in the sun, such as spray tanning, sunless tanning, and the use of self-tanners.

There are healthy alternatives on the market and it is important to educate yourself about them and your responsibility to yourself to protect your skin. While sunless tanning has gotten a bad rap due to the “orange oompa loompa” look, it has come a long way in the last 10 years. The products have the most natural look of a tan and some even fade like a natural tan would. A good tip for using a sunless bronzer is to moisturize it daily, this will help with the fading process and help with the “natural look”. The beauty of sunless tanning is that it takes no time, less than 10 minutes, and you’re ready to show off a beautiful, healthy, natural-looking tan.

There are other benefits to using a self tanner instead of going to the tanning bed or lying in the sun. For example, using a product line that has anti-aging ingredients and moisturizing ingredients are designed to make skin look and feel great. Some of the ingredients that help aid in anti-aging are Marine Collagen and COQ10, which are designed to help restore elasticity to the skin, so be sure to look for those key ingredients when choosing a self tanner. Sunless tanning has a reputation for drying out skin, so another tip is to look at the product’s ingredient panel and keep an eye out for moisturizing ingredients; some of those ingredients include a well-known moisturizing agent, aloe. As you can see, there is no reason not to protect, love, and keep your skin feeling great by wearing self tanners or getting an airbrushed tan.

Anyone, male or female, can use sunless tanners and / or airbrush tanning to achieve the healthy tan you are looking for without damaging your skin and without risking skin cancer. A study by the Skin Cancer Foundation shows that “skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Each year more than 3.5 million skin cancers are diagnosed in more than two million people.” Do what’s right for you and your skin, use sunless bronzers, self-tanners or airbrush tanning to save your skin and your health! Your family and loved ones will thank you in the end.

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