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How To Get The Best Price For Your Home – Fast

1. Time is gold when it comes to selling your house

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your home, the longer it sits unsold on the market, the more it will cost. Many home sellers feel that receiving close to their full sales price is very important. But they overlook the extra months of upkeep costs like mortgage interest, property taxes, and upkeep. I have seen houses sit unsold on the market for years! Obviously, those home sellers aren’t very motivated to sell. If you’ve already moved into your new home, maintaining an expensive vacant home can be very expensive, typically costing $1,000 or more each month the home sits unsold.

2. Put your house in near model house condition

Most home buyers today want to buy a home that is in basically good condition and doesn’t need major repairs. This is called a house with a “red ribbon deal” because it’s like a gift wrapped with a red ribbon.

There are few top home buyers to fix, and they want bargain prices to offset the work required. The goal for home sellers who want to sell fast for the best price should be to get the home in near model home condition. However, spending a lot of money is not required. Most homes only need basic, cheap work to get the residence in great condition, where all a buyer needs to do is turn the key in the door and move in.

3. The reason most houses don’t sell: they’re overpriced!

Many home sellers want to set their sales prices above what their real estate agent recommends. These sellers often expect an out-of-town buyer to overpay for their home. That rarely happens! There are a number of reasons, such as buyers’ agents seeking their buyers, competitive listings that are realistically priced close to market value, and lender appraisals that reflect market value. Buyers quickly become home value experts after inspecting a dozen or more similar homes in the surrounding area. They rarely overpay. Most houses have a “value range”. Many factors influence this value range, such as local economic conditions, the location of the home, the supply of similar homes in the same price range for sale, the number of buyers currently on the market, the condition physical appearance of the home, the ability of your real estate agent to properly market the home to as many prospective buyers as possible, the financing available, the quality of the local school district (the best schools create homebuyer demand), and the attractiveness of the home. of your house compared to other nearby houses now available for dirty.

4. Be flexible, don’t get greedy

If you are just testing the market and will only sell your home if you get the inflated sales price, then you are not a serious and motivated seller. However, if you are motivated to sell, the best attitude is to be flexible, not get greedy, and not insist on taking every last dollar of profit. Instead, consider every offer to buy that comes your way. No matter how low and insulting the purchase offer may be, make a counter offer! After several days or even weeks of negotiating counter offers, home sales often result. But sellers who are inflexible and don’t counteroffer are only to blame for their house not selling because they are inflexible and greedy.

5. Get out of the house!

Finally, if you listed your home with a professional real estate agent, let that person (or the buyer’s agent) do their job. Anytime you know an agent will bring a prospective buyer in to inspect your home, even on short notice, get out of the house! There’s a very good reason you don’t want to meet the prospective buyer.

Seasoned real estate agents will tell you that until a buyer criticizes a residence, he or she is not a serious buyer. If the seller is around, the prospect will usually not criticize her house. Instead, he or she will look at it and walk away without committing to that possible future residence. Also, the buyer’s agent will not comment on the pros and cons of the home if the seller is within hearing range. Even if you only walk around the block 10 times while a buyer is inspecting her house, get out there! Also, get your pets out: There’s nothing worse than an offensive pet (or pet smell) to deter prospective buyers from quickly buying your home for the best price.

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