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How to heal with your breath

God is one, but religions are many. People of all religions want to realize God through the five sense organs, but God has given these sense organs only for his concern. There are fifty types of breath of which there are forty-nine types for restlessness and a short breath, the thinnest breath, a weak breath, the one that goes straight to the fontanelle when you inhale. With this short, weak breath, you cannot have anger, pride, cruelty, sex, or any other concerns.

In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika 4:114 it is said, yavat naiva pravishati charan maruta madhya margin: the breath should be very weak, weak and go directly to the fontanel, where the baby has the softest place on the top of the head. You must watch very carefully in that place. Then you will feel the heartbeat. Then you will hear the divine sound. Then you will see the divine light and you will also get love for God.

God made man and woman in His own image and breathed into these bodies the breath of His life and became the soul of the entire universe. Thus, the supreme almighty Lord remains in every human body. Every human body is the body of the supreme almighty Lord and He has given his love to this body. If you take the shortest breath, you will get calm, which is godliness, but instead most people are teaching about God by reading books or singing songs or dancing or rotating or in many, many other ways. Although I don’t like it, I’m not going to criticize anyone.

Suppose all of you are students who go to school, listen to the teachers and then go home and prepare your lessons very well. Then you will be successful. Here people go to church but only on Sundays (not seven days a week), the priest reads only one hour and they hope to get God-realization? That’s impossible. Take food daily, regularly and sincerely.
That is why your body is increasing. And through that you are getting everything. Similarly, you should keep your attention on the top of your head and breathe very little, look for it inside the head and then you will see a milk white light, covering the whole body with the divine light.
Calmly seek God in the fontanelle, you will surely get God-realization. Practice Kriya well.

It is said in the same Hatha Yoga Pradipika 4:114, if the breath is not very weak you cannot get God realization: yavat dhyana sahaja sadrisham jayate naiva tattwam – if the meditation technique is not the easiest and simplest, then no. you can get God. He is breathing and you are watching. This is the simplest technique. Everyone, people of all religions, is breathing. That is why all of them are alive. Breathing is our life. So everyone should calmly watch and see with short breath if they feel pulsations on the top of the head and next to the ear, above the ear; if you’re hearing sound, constant sound. If you just practice this and see a constant light all over the world, you will automatically get the samadhi stage, the pulseless stage, the breathless stage. You will get the reality, the truth. It’s possible.

Kriya Yoga is a very specific yoga system that was revived in modern times by Lahiri Mahasaya, c 1861. Paramahansa Yogananda brought it into widespread public awareness through his book Autobiography of a Yogi. The system consists of a series of yogic techniques that accelerate the practitioner’s spiritual development and help achieve a deep state of tranquility and communion with God.

Yogananda writes that, “The Kriya Yogi mentally directs his life energy to rotate, up and down, around the six spinal centers (spinal, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal plexuses) which correspond to the twelve astral signs. of the zodiac. , the symbolic Cosmic Man. Half a minute of revolution of the energy around the sentient spinal cord of man produces a subtle progress in his evolution; that half minute of Kriya is equivalent to a year of natural spiritual development.”

The mystical and liberating Yoga technique almost died out in medieval times, when the world was under the influence of religious fanatics and no one was mature enough to accept the truth. Even Galileo was prosecuted for telling the truth as it was. Later, when the weather changed and became somewhat more favorable for discussing the truths of life and nature, the general consciousness of humanity began to develop and there was a general awakening to realize the hidden and invisible facts of life. that science began to discover, then, in 1868, the great yogi guru, whom we know by the name of “Babaji”, again introduced this yogic mystical art to society through his disciple Shyamacharan Lahiri. Babaji is always the same. He was never born and therefore can never die. He is called aja (the unborn). But from time to time this compassionate Lord of radiant splendor manifests for humanity to do what must be done. Pulling Maya’s veil of her own free will, he takes a form of lightless light to incarnate among the lairs of men. He protects, guides and enlightens your consciousness according to his evolutionary model. His immortal body of lightless light can take any form through which he can express himself and show himself to the faithful from age to age. He took the form of Rudra’s Adi Nath Shiva himself from the Ancient of Days. Then came 500 BC as Kal Agni Nath as Dakshin Murti when he initiated himself then manifested as Gorksha Nath 70 BC at the time of King Shalivahan and Chowrangee Nath Then in the same ever present immortal body manifested as Shiv Goraksha Babaji in the 9th century AD. C. during the time of Guga Nath, who was authorized by him to have complete rule over the Naga and ultimately be worshiped as a Naga god.

The day Babaji initiated Shyamacharan Lahiri and sent him back to society, from that very day all true seekers of truth found the means to understand the truth of life and death and beyond. Shyamacharan Lahiri demonstrated most of the results of this mystic yogic art by setting his own example. All his life, he indicated the yogic path to true seekers and introduced them to the different stages of this mystical yogic art. After his death, some lines of his disciples have maintained the practice of this mystical yogic art.

Among the famous traditions, the tradition of Shri Yukteshwar Giri, a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya, became world famous through his able disciple Paramhans Yogananda. Paramhans Yogananda honored the father of the Indian nation, Mahatma Gandhi, with Kriya yoga diksha, who initiated the entire human race on the path of non-violence in the blood-soaked century.

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