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How to Play CityVille: 5 Essential Tips to Help Newbies Get Started Quick in CityVille

Do you want to learn how to play CityVille? If you’ve just started playing CityVille, now the most popular social game on Facebook, or are still thinking about it, this article will get you off to a great start.

How to play CityVille Tip 1: your first business is up and running

Next to the train track in the middle of your small town there is a barn, with 4 small plots. Keep an eye on them for the first few minutes. They are planted with strawberries, which ripen very quickly. You can harvest those strawberries for a quick cash boost and replant them right away. After your first few minutes of play, watch out for Rita the farmer’s mission.

Picking strawberries from your little farm will satisfy that quest and give you a boost of coins and experience points. After that, switch to strawberries in half of the plots and carrots in the other two, or try carrots in all four plots. As a beginner, you can only choose to plant strawberries and carrots. Carrots are more expensive to plant and slower to harvest, but more profitable. As you figure out how to play CityVille, you will see plenty of places that investing a little more upfront will allow you to earn more income in the long run.

How to play CityVille Tip 2 – Take advantage of the natural resources hidden in the landscape

You will need a lot of resources to build houses and businesses in the beginning, before generating a lot of income. If you start to run out of resources, don’t worry. There is a valuable harvest hidden in plain sight. Take a look at the fields and forests that surround your small town. Do you see something valuable? The trees!

You can get an increase in money and experience by harvesting trees. It is not necessary to cut down all the trees at once. Harvesting requires energy, so choose an area you want to develop a little later and focus your harvest there, saving trees elsewhere for later.

How to play CityVille Tip 3 – Share and give all you can. It’s a social game!

Zynga wants more players, so they created incentives in CityVille to encourage you to get more people to participate. When you give gifts and share your CityVille achievements on your wall, you earn big. Encourage your friends and neighbors to help you too, providing you with resources and helping you grow your city in return. There are many opportunities to do this. Everything is automated, and every time the game gives you the opportunity to interact, take it; it is an important part of how to play CityVille.

How to play CityVille Tip 4: Build your population first, then build businesses to keep your citizens happy

At the beginning levels, you only have a few options for the businesses and houses that you can build. Start by investing in a group of small houses first, then a couple of larger houses. You get an increase in income and experience every time you complete these projects, which will help pay for further development. By growing your population first, you will have a lot of customers for your first business, and all of them can prosper.

How to play CityVille Tip 5: Prepare a little trip to a neighboring city

When it comes time to build your first business, the bakery is a great option. It’s cheap to build, provides good cash flow, and creates a useful opportunity. After you’ve collected your income and restocked the bakery several times, you can send a tour to a neighbor’s town.

If you don’t have any other friends or neighbors yet, don’t worry. A neighbor is already integrated into the game and you will have the opportunity to visit his city. While you’re there, you can collect rent, send bus trips to businesses, and help out. You upgrade your own resources and earn reputation points all the time.

These tips will help you get off to a good start in learning how to play CityVille.

As you learn to play, you will soon see how addictive CityVille is. That’s because there is always a lot going on, a lot to watch out for and opportunities to follow. It’s pretty straightforward to keep track at first, but as you progress through the levels, you’ll soon come across confusing options that can have a real impact on your success later on. That’s when the proper knowledge of how to play CityVille can really help you enjoy the game more and more satisfaction.

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