M4 Ghost Mod Air Pistol

Take a look at the Trinity Custom Airsoft Pistol! The weapon uses a basic KWA M4 CQB and transforms it with very powerful upgrades and tactical attachments in the GHOST MOD. The airsoft gun is definitely another must-try product for your next expedition.

Firing over 20 rounds per second, the CQB powerhouse is always LiPo ready. The GHOST airsoft gun has the same standard features as the KWA M4 and also has several new enhancements such as a heat sink motor plate that helps dissipate heat buildup generated by the high speed performance motor.

All internal components of this airsoft gun are recalibrated and fine tuned to maintain the 350 FPS limit and provide maximum rate of fire.

These are other features of the ultimate RECON weapon.

The weapons are custom built by Trinity, they have a Fiber Quad handguard and a very good ghost suppressor which makes it pretty bam. The tactical Shorty stock, quad rail system, and free-floating design of the airsoft gun make it an item to be desired. She also has a satellite battery sling, a Bravo Military Style Red DOT, and a cantilever rail mount that makes her look like a real SWAT when it comes time for action. He take a look at the tactical folding foregrip and the Thermold 130rd Mag. Indeed, this airsoft pistol is a weapon you should try! The cyclic rate is more than 20 rps, while its approximate FPS is 350 fps.

The airsoft gun uses two battery options, the NiMH is 8.4v or 9.6V and the LiPo is 7.4v or 11.1V.

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