Ohio Real Estate Lawyers

Although Ohio real estate law does not require you to have a real estate attorney, there are certain instances where having an attorney may be a good idea. When purchasing property that has common interest developments, it can be difficult for the average consumer to discern between portions of the property that are for exclusive use and portions that are for community use. Common interest developments, such as condominiums, may have ongoing litigation that may have an adverse effect on the future value of the property. A real estate attorney can explain what the possible outcomes of ongoing litigation may be, so he can make an informed decision about whether to invest in the property. A real estate attorney can also help ensure that the title to a property is valid before the buyer closes on the sale.

Try to find a lawyer who is recommended to you by someone you trust, such as a friend or family member. Never choose a real estate attorney simply based on the recommendation of your real estate agent. However, you may be able to find an attorney who is also a licensed real estate agent.

You should make sure the attorney specializes in real estate law by checking with your state and local bar associations and real estate agent associations. The American College of Real Estate Lawyers (ACREL) website provides links to members by state and has many members from Ohio.

Most attorneys will answer preliminary questions for free. Make a list of your questions and use it to help you find an attorney who you believe will competently and ethically represent your interests. Before making a final decision, ask what the attorney’s fees are. Some real estate attorneys will work for a flat fee on simpler cases.

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