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Read to de-stress

With the first golden ray of the sun illuminating our mind until the last glimmer of the moon that calms our soul, we continue to read voraciously. Reading, in its literal sense, covers a variety of topics, official and unofficial, electronic and print, informational and casual, etc. So it is reading that gives us stress and again your healthy reading that can also act as a stress buster.

Reading books or articles of personal interest takes the burden off the mind. Fatigue or stress due to worldly things gradually fade away. If stress is considered a social epidemic disease that degenerates the body from within, then reading is that medicine to eradicate this disease. Reading is like lemon juice to get over a stress hangover. The mind feels so light as a feather that it is shed from all stress and tension. Reading can take us to exotic snow covered lands with clear blue skies or back to the times of kings and queens or a leap into the future of the robotic world. Sometimes reading can show us the way to a healthy and nutritious life or teach us a new hobby or inspire us to do better. Reading can make us roll on the floor laughing or crying. Reading can also lead us to abysmal pain that, later, could increase our stress level. So choosing a good book or article that will get us out of our stressful life is extremely important. In fact, I think leisure reading is the perfect antidote to stress.

From sunrise to night, my eyes are busy capturing the daily newspaper to road signs and billboards, my official documents, advertising brochures, and finally my favorite novel. But of all these, it is my novel that acts like a refreshing cucumber for my eyes, squeezing out pain and stress. When I read a novel, I begin to create the characters of the novel on my surreal canvas. My odyssey with the characters continues as the novel progresses. Gradually, as I go through the novel, page by page, I become absorbed in the story and become familiar with its characters. I begin to visualize the scenes in the bio-scope of my mind. My room becomes the land of history and all the characters come to life exchanging their dialogues and I feel stuck in silence. Reading ignites the creative soul in me, free from the chains of any burden. My mind begins to wander the beautiful paths of imagination. My brain calms down and my irritation due to stress takes a back seat. Finally, reality is rejected and stress is deeply buried when my date with my novel begins. This gives me a good night’s sleep and hope for a better day.

Not only does healthy reading act as a taste of the stress ghost, it also elevates our ruinous level of concentration. In our busy schedule, instead of having healthy reading as an option, we can absorb it as a habit. Stress is as true as human existence. But we can free ourselves from unnecessary stress just by turning the page.

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