Renting a student apartment in Edinburgh, these four key points must be understood!

Renting a student apartment in Edinburgh

Choosing where to live during your studies is one of the most important decisions you will make. Edinburgh has regularly been voted as one of the best cities in the world to live, and it is no surprise that it is home to many quality student apartments. However, renting a student apartment in Edinburgh comes with some unique responsibilities and challenges. Whether you’re renting from a private landlord or letting agency, there are some key points that you should be aware of before making your final decision.

Firstly, it is worth checking if the landlord you are renting from has a HMO licence as this is a requirement for any properties that are advertised to be used by students. If they don’t, it is not recommended that you rent from them. It is also worth asking for an inventory of the property and meter readings for gas, electricity and water so that you have a record of what was in place before you moved in.

Most edinburgh student flats is offered on fixed term contracts, these typically last for 43 or 51 weeks, with some exceptions. For example, if you are renting in purpose built student accommodation then a tenancy will usually be for 43 weeks from July to September. However, for some shared houses that are rented out to students, the tenancy can be offered for shorter periods of time depending on how quickly previous tenants leave.

Renting a student apartment in Edinburgh, these four key points must be understood!

It is also worth remembering that if you are renting your edinburgh college accommodation from a landlord then you will be required to pay a deposit. This is normally equal to one month’s rent and will be returned to you when your tenancy ends provided that you have complied with the terms of your tenancy agreement.

Explore transportation options available to you from your student accommodation. Utilize public transportation systems such as buses, trains, or trams to commute to campus or explore the surrounding area. Consider biking or walking as eco-friendly alternatives for shorter distances. Investigate student discounts or special transportation programs offered by your accommodation provider or university. By taking advantage of transportation options, you can increase your mobility, reduce environmental impact, and further explore your university’s location.

Private student accommodation has become increasingly popular in Edinburgh. Purpose-built student housing complexes offer a wide range of amenities, including en-suite rooms, communal spaces, and on-site facilities such as gyms and study areas. While these accommodations may come at a higher cost compared to other options, they provide a convenient and all-inclusive living experience. It is crucial to consider the distance from the university and the overall budget while opting for private student accommodation.

Renting a private flat or house with fellow students is another common choice. This option allows for greater flexibility in terms of location and living arrangements. Sharing the rent and expenses with flatmates can significantly reduce the financial burden. However, finding compatible flatmates, managing responsibilities, and dividing bills can sometimes be challenging. Open communication and mutual understanding are key to fostering a harmonious living environment.

There is so much to see and do in Edinburgh, from iconic historical architecture to a wide range of cafes, restaurants and bars. There is even a thriving music and arts scene and a great selection of live comedy venues. All of this makes it the ideal location for quality student apartments, where everything is easily accessible from your doorstep!

Regardless of where you decide to live, the most important thing is to ensure that you are comfortable in your new environment. Take the time to get to know your area and enjoy the vibrant culture, exciting nightlife and friendly atmosphere that Edinburgh has to offer. It is a truly amazing city and it will be the perfect base for your studies and your student life!

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