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iriver (formerly iRiver, full name iriver Limited), a subsidiary of ReignCom, is a consumer electronics brand founded in 1999 and headquartered in Seoul, Korea. It is known for producing portable digital audio players or “MP3 players” and video players. iriver products commonly include USB mass storage, FM tuner, and recording capabilities. iriver’s first product was the iMP-100, a portable CD player capable of decoding MP3 data files on CD in the year 2000. The current product range of iHP-100 (now called H100) Players (100, 120 and 140) are capable of playing MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis (with some limitations), and WAV audio files. Viewing of text files is also supported. The H300 series models (320 and 340) can play MP3, WMV, Ogg, WAV, and AVI video files (the latter two only with firmware updates) and can display JPEG and BMP image files (which do not use the dimensions). screen unless converted to proper dimensions/resolution).


The iriver H340iriver range, as of September 2005, is as follows. In the case of hard disk and flash memory based players, the amount of built-in storage is indicated in parentheses. Some models are no longer manufactured and sold at retail:

Some of the iMP series are known as C series in Korea.

hard drive based players

  • E10 (6GB) (2006) Comes in black and white. It uses an interface similar to that of the U10 series. The device also has a remote control for the base of the U10 and a television.
  • H10: (5 GB, 6 GB, 20 GB–except Asia) (2005), available in 4 different colors (red, blue, silver and gray), 16-bit color screen, can record from Radio, Internal Microphone ( Voice ) or Line-In (Line-In only with cradle, sold extra). The device is about the size of the iPod mini and is made mostly of aluminum. Navigation is done with a touchpad designed by iriver.
  • H300 series (2004), similar to the H100 series, but capable of transferring images directly from digital cameras and UMS-compatible devices such as flash drives, as well as displaying digital images and XviD movies at 15 FPS on a color screen (compatibility with video is not available on US players with US firmware). The H300 also lacks the optical inputs/outputs that the H100s had. Models: H320 (20 GB) and H340 (40 GB). It’s recently been discontinued in favor of the newer and anachronistically less feature-packed H10 series.
  • H100 (formerly referred to as “iHP-“) (2003): H110 (10 GB), 115 (15 GB), 120 (20 GB), and 140 (40 GB). It has been discontinued for all territories.

Flash based players

  • T10 series: (256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB) (2005). Semi-prism shape.
  • T20 Series: (256MB, 512MB, 1GB) (2005). USB memory design.
  • T30 Series: (256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB) 2005. Prism-shaped, iriver’s first MP3 player to use AAA battery.
  • H10jr.: (512MB, 1GB) (2005). Smaller but in the same way as the H10. Use Flash memory instead of hard drive
  • N10 series: (128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB) “locket style” – worn around the neck.
  • N11 series: (128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB) “locket style” – worn around the neck. It has a longer battery life than N10.
  • iFP-1000 series: (256 MB) and 1095 (512 MB). Both with built-in digital camera; in the form of a prism.
  • iFP-900 series: (256MB, 512MB, 1GB). With color screen.
  • iFP-800 series: (128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB). Prism shape with rounded edges.
  • iFP-700 series: (128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB).
  • iFP-100T series: 195TC (512MB), 190TC (256MB), 180T (128MB), 140 (64MB), 120 (32MB). In the form of a prism.

European customers should be aware that several models lack the FM radio functionality available in other world markets.

Criticism of the U10, T30, T20 and T10 models after iriver dropped UMS support in favor of Microsoft’s Media Transfer Protocol has been partially assuaged by the introduction of an official iriver firmware updater.


  • iGP-100 (1.5GB)
  • iFP-300T series: 395T (512 MB), 390T (256 MB), 380T (128 MB), 340 (64 MB, US only). Shaped like a candy bar.
  • iFP-500T series: 599T (1GB) 595T (512MB) 590T (256MB). Bar soap.
  • iFP-900T series: 999T (1GB) 995T (512MB) 990T (256MB)?. Bar soap. 1.2″ color LCD screen, microphone, line input and FM recording, usb 1.1 usbhost, usb charging – firmware upgradeable.
  • iMP-1000 (DivX video playback with TV output)
  • “SlimX” sub-series: iMP-550, 450, 400, 350
  • iMP-700T (“sports” model), 250, 125, 100, 50
  • iHP-100 series: iHP-115, iHP-120 and iHP-140 (15, 20 and 40 GB respectively)
  • H300 series: H320 and H340 (20 and 40 GB models)

DataPlay based media players

  • iDP-100 series: (500MB).

portable media players

iriver has also developed four models for the portable media player (i.e. audio and video) market, capable of playing various digital video formats in addition to playing audio and displaying still images, with two models:

  • G10, which is currently under development, will play digital music, video and games. A Wi-Fi connection could possibly allow streaming of music and video from a Digital Download Service to the device. The G10 will be available with 4 or 8 GB hard drive capacities and will be less than half the physical size of Sony’s PSP.
  • iRiver Clix (2 GB) 2006 U10 rebranded with improved parts and interface for WMP11, US and Australia only.
  • U10 2005 (512MB, 1GB, 2GB flash)
  • PMC-120/140 (20/40 GB) (“Portable Media Center”) 2004, with Portable Media Center based on Microsoft Windows Mobile.
  • PMP-120/140 (20/40 GB) (“Portable Media Player”)

The U10 and Clix can also play Flash Lite 1.1 games in .swf format.

Electronic dictionary player in Korea only

  • D-10 (Dicple, which is a simplified dictionary character and player (mp3)) This is an electronic dictionary that offers music playback. Sold after December 2004.
  • D-20 (Dicple รก) This is also an Electronic Dictionary. With an improved elegant design and a 4.3, 260,000 TFT color screen, which supports images and other features that a typical electronic dictionary does not have. It’s designed to mimic the look of a laptop at 176 (W) x 81.9 (D) x 26.7 (H) mm and comes in glossy red or black. The device has a 22-hour battery life for dictionary browsing and a 30-hour battery life for audio. Sold after January 2006.

alternative firmware

The Rockbox project, which wrote a new GPLed firmware for some Archos players, has successfully ported the rockbox firmware to the H100 and H300 series.

An official firmware updater from iriver allows users of the U10, T30, T20 and T10 models to switch between UMS and MTP operation.

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