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The lucky person (in a self-made way)

Consistent winners, what are they? In fact, that’s a question worth asking yourself. Thomas Jefferson once had a quote on how to create luck by working hard. Sure, it takes more than hard work to create a winner, certainly. But winning requires your share of the work to be consistent. For one thing, in order to win repeatedly, you need to understand the pitfalls and mistakes to avoid through temporary glitches before consistently winning. Some will fully understand my meaning and others will have to finally get itBut a true loser relies on initial luck and quits if that initial effort ends up failing. That is the wrong way to approach life and existence. In fact, constant loss is completely dependent on initial luck, constant profit is initial failure, understanding what you did wrong, and then getting it right next time.

That said, even Michael Jefferey Jordan, the great basketball player, didn’t make his high school team on the first try, but he became a basketball champion with legendary status in the sport of basketball anyway. In fact, understanding failure and then correcting your efforts is the best way to go, not relying on initial good fortune to get ahead without being able to genuinely repeat it.

In fact, the biggest failure is not seeing what makes a genuine, repeatable winner more than “good fortune” itself. This is also true of a wasted poker game. After all, some of the best poker champions lost many tournaments before developing their winning styles. So the biggest loss in anything is the perception of the lesson or the lack of perception of the lesson in the mind, between the ears or whatever the reality of the situation is perceiving at the moment the situation is happening. Of course, we can all take action, but the right action is what helps us win, and the wrong action is what really causes us to fail. That said, proper experience is always better than initial lucky success on the first inexperienced attempt, however “good” that success may initially seem or seem like. Therefore, “slowing down at first” is almost never a good thing when viewed as genuine, repeatable success. After all, where do you think the saying “He who really wins first gets it finally” or this “We all love to win, but who loves to coach?” That is my big point in this article, we make our own latest luck, luck never really happens, even when it seems like we succeed “effortlessly”. Ultimately, to be repeatable, success must be fully understood.

So, I end with a quote about this phenomenon from the great singer Johnny Mathis:

“I really am a normal person who just got very lucky. I got involved from the beginning of my life with many wonderful people who helped and guided me. I discovered what I really liked to do and that was to sing. And I had a lot of help to achieve that. most of my goals. ”

That quote seems like a minor quote, but it shows the reality of what I’m writing very well, because real and sustained success comes through understanding and absorbing lessons that work. Don’t believe me alone, understand me here.

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