Tips for keeping children safe in a pool

It’s really great for the whole family to take a dip in the nearest pool. But, if you have young children in your family, you need to take some safety precautions to ensure that children can enjoy swimming. Parents should watch closely when children are swimming. Adults should be fully involved when children are in the pool. A young child can drown in as little as an inch of water. Many people think they will hear a splashing sound or ask for help, but many times there is no sound. Here are some tips for keeping children safe in a pool:

• There should be fences around the pool for protection. Four-sided fences around the pool will help prevent children from drowning. It must be at least four feet tall. The fence should have a self-closing, self-closing gate.

• The area around the pool should be cleaned immediately after each use. If there are floating toys in the water, remove them immediately. These toys can attract children’s attention and a child may reach out to catch them and fall unexpectedly.

• Children must be strictly told to follow the rules posted in public swimming pools. Pool covers can be wet and slippery. Many children get excited around the pool. Therefore, they should not be allowed to run in any situation. They must walk gently and carefully. Children should be instructed to obey the “no diving” rules in designated areas. The water may be too shallow for snorkeling.

• Children should be allowed to enter the pool only if they have prior swimming knowledge. Send your child to swimming lessons. Children can start swimming lessons around the age of four. Even if the child can swim, very young children should be within arm’s reach. Never leave children alone in the pool to answer the phone.

• Security equipment should be available in a nearby conspicuous place to facilitate access if necessary. If you are in a larger pool, it is also good to have a rescue pole or “life hooks” on hand.

• If you are not using the pool, cover it with a rigid safety cover. Even during the bathing season, it is best to keep the pool covered when not in use. The cover must fit securely over the entire surface of the pool.

• If your child is swimming in an inflatable pool, it should be emptied after each use. Never think that your child cannot drown in an inflatable pool. Never leave an inflatable pool full of water. Young children do not have the upper body strength to lift them and can easily drown by sliding on the soft side of an inflatable pool.

• Never rely on floats, water wings, inner tubes, or noodles. You should only use flotation devices that are labeled “Coast Guard Approved.”

Drowning can always be prevented. Whenever you take your child near the pool or in the pool, you should be able to get close to him.

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