Tips for kissing women: how to kiss you in a way you will never forget

How do I kiss a guy and leave him wanting more? What is the best way to kiss a guy? Is there a right and wrong way to kiss? Is the preparation more important or the kiss itself?

Kissing a guy comes naturally to women. However, this may be different if you are shy or do not have much experience in the kissing department. Tips for kissing women are usually pretty straightforward and easy to follow. The good news is, if you need some advice on kissing for women, we’ve got plenty below.

Preparation is key

To have a good kiss you have to be prepared. This is one of the most important kissing tips for women. One of the keys is having fresh breath. If you have any doubts about how your breath might smell, you may want to keep some breath mints in your bag and grab one just before you kiss. You may also want to drink some water, as some breath mints can leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Have confidence

Confidence is the key to any good kiss. Nobody wants to kiss someone who likes a little. You will also need to be confident because once you cross this bridge, there is no going back. This does not mean that you have to attack a boy, but rather kiss firmly and with the confidence that this is what you want.

Go slowly at first

There is no need to rush things at first. Also, you don’t want to suddenly stick your tongue down someone else’s throat. Instead, the best advice for kissing is to simply press your lips together and close your eyes as you do so. You’ll also want to tilt your head to the side to get your nose out of the way.

Go a little further

Once the kiss has started, you may want to open your lips just a little. At this point, it will be key to pay attention to how your partner responds. If your partner also opens his mouth a little, you can try different degrees of openness. This means that you can open and close your moth throughout the event. You can even start using your tongue a bit and exploring your guy’s lips.

french kiss

If he seems willing, and most guys are, you may want to follow up with a full French kiss. Here, you and your partner will open your mouth with tight lips and then insert your tongue into your mouth. At this point, you can explore their mouth with your tongue or the two of you can let your tongue dance around each other.

Just remember that another key to kissing a guy is to have fun. Kissing shouldn’t be a chore, but something that the two of you enjoy and brings the two of you together. Have fun and be sure to try new types of kisses and in different places.

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