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Ulcerative Colitis – Cured Naturally!

A testimonial from Ms. AJ

In May 2004, my husband and I flew to Florida and I started bleeding from my rectum. The bleeding continued for the two weeks we were there. I called a colon specialist when we got back and he said it might be the flight that caused it. He didn’t clear up so I contacted my GP and they treated my case as an emergency.

The medical carousel

The ER doctor said they had to remove the cancer first (good start!). He referred me to the sigmoidoscopy clinic where I had a sigmoidoscopy (a test that looks inside the lower part of the large intestine). This showed that he had very painful colitis and piles.

Because it was so swollen, they suggested I have a colonoscopy (this test looks at the entire inside of the large intestine). While waiting for the colonoscopy, the bleeding continued. Some days it was horrible and other times it wasn’t so bad. I couldn’t eat anything without being in a lot of bread. I was passing a lot of mucus and I had a very windy belly. All in all, pretty awful!

After the colonoscopy, they confirmed that I did have colitis and told me to take medication called Asacol to reduce the bleeding. By the end of 2004, the bleeding, mucus, and pain had not improved. If anything, it was worse.

In early 2005, I began to experience severe pain under my ribs on the right side. My GP said I was constipated and gave me some laxatives. I suggested that it might be my gallbladder, but she disagreed. I continued to fight… One morning I had severe pain under my ribs on the right side, but I went to work anyway.

It was around 9 am when I walked into my boss’s office to tell him I felt terrible and was going home. As he talked to her, the pain began again. She helped me to my feet, thinking it might ease the pain. I fainted. I don’t remember much after that. When I regained consciousness, we decided to call the company doctor because I was not enjoying my GP.

The company doctor was 99% sure it was my gallbladder. They told me to go see a surgeon at London Bridge Hospital. They did a scan and told me they couldn’t see any gallstones. They suggested that my intestines were causing the problem. They then asked me to come back for a second colonoscopy, so they could see what was going on. They were concerned that my intestine was “twisted” in some way.

After the second colonoscopy, I went back to see the surgeon, who quickly told me that I did not have cancer, but I did have ulcerative colitis. He then showed me the color images he had taken of my intestine while doing the colonoscopy. My intestine looked like it had ‘chicken pox’.

In fact, I had hundreds and hundreds of ulcers with large ulcers in the middle. Seeing this was really shocking for me, although of course I was relieved that I didn’t have cancer. He gave me the highest dose of Asacol you could give anyone and sent me packing. He said “don’t come back unless you’re in some pain”. Desire…!!

Asacol did not seem to have any effect. The pain came back again. The surgeon referred me to another colon specialist. He wanted to have another (third) colonoscopy to take a look himself. He thought he might have Crohn’s disease, what next! The surgeon insisted that I have my third colonoscopy under local anesthesia. He was in terrible pain halfway through the procedure, so he ‘stuffed’ me up and sedated me again.

I woke up feeling sleepy. He told me that they couldn’t get to fully examine my colon because I had a very long intestine. I would have to go back in and do another (fourth) one. Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t make a fuss!

When I went to repeat the procedure, I had full anesthesia! Thank Mr! I didn’t want to go through that again! After the procedure, the surgeon confirmed… “You don’t have Crohn’s disease, but you definitely have ulcerative colitis.” I was offered steroids as the only remedy, to try and soothe my poor inflamed and ulcerated colon. These I took for a couple of weeks and then went back to the extravagant doses of Asacol.

Did I get better? – No. Did the bleeding stop? – No. Has the mucus stopped? – No. The pain under the ribs also came back a couple of times. The doctors didn’t know what to do with me. The doctor at work sent me back to see the surgeon. He did a new scan of my gallbladder, but nothing showed up. What a complete waste of time!

a lucky find

Meanwhile, my husband discovered a book by David Klein while surfing the net called Self Healing Colitis and Crohn’s (image to the right).

In the book, David says that you can email him about your problems. You can then arrange a telephone consultation if you wish. I finally started talking to someone who understood what I was going through. He was amazed that I was functioning on any level.

She recommended that I see Dr. Gina Shaw in Devon, England and said I didn’t need to go to California. She gave me her email address and that was the beginning of a life changing process.

I had arranged time off from work for 3 months to make sure I had enough time to do this properly. I was sure in my heart that this would work because it made so much sense. Gina and David are both ‘natural hygienists’, they made me understand, and believe in natural healing through fasting, juice diets and other methods. Other than that, I really had no idea what was involved, but I got more of an idea once I read David’s book a few times.

natural healing

Gina evaluated me with an ‘iridology’ [1] exam and within weeks I underwent a remotely supervised fast. I spoke to Gina twice a day from home and took my blood pressure, pulse and temperature. I told Gina about any symptoms and sensations as they arose and told her how my day had been, physically and emotionally, etc.

I was warned that when you start this process, you don’t just go through a physical healing, you also go through an emotional healing process. So you really don’t know how you’re going to be from one day to the next. Each day you have different symptoms as your body begins to heal, but Gina guided me through times of need.

I was on a juice diet for a few weeks and was amazed when the blood and mucus started to clear from my bowel movements for the first time in years and I was finally pain free again!

A new woman!

It took me a little while to get my strength back after the fast, but I’ve been feeling great ever since. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good, it’s been amazing. I have had no bleeding at all. I am off all drugs. I look so healthy that everyone keeps commenting on how great I look. People even say that I look much younger. My skin is light, my eyes are light. I can eat and I don’t have bread, I don’t bleed. Amazing!!

Now I can go out at night with my husband and enjoy dinner out. I have returned to do sports after years without being able to do it. My energy levels are so different, I have bags of it. Even my husband can’t keep up with me. Life just took on a new meaning.

From the medical merry-go-round to natural healing, it’s been quite a journey. Fortunately for me, it has a happy ending, but I feel sorry for the poor souls who suffer unnecessarily when a simple solution is available. I hope my story inspires people with ulcerative colitis to follow the natural path to healing and health. ~ Ms. AJ

[1] Iridology: The iris of the eye is inspected to help determine a person’s health status or to diagnose a health problem.

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