Underweight and Overweight – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

Your normal weight depends on three factors: height, age, and skeletal structure. Naturally, the weight of the individual must change throughout the different stages of life. And, just as naturally, the amount and type of food needed to maintain proper weight will also vary, depending on the person’s occupation and general activity.

To say that being overweight is the result of overeating is like saying that a fire is the result of a game. Who lit the match? What caused the overfeeding? Overeating is not a cause, but a result. Have you noticed how your eating habits vary when you are busy and when you are not busy: when you are lonely and when you are not; when you are tense and when you are relaxed? The busy, satisfied, and laid-back people of the world are rarely overweight. Idle, lonely, and nervous people often are.

When you’re not busy and you feel like you should be, you eat to excuse your laziness. (“I’ll do it after dinner, after I eat a sandwich, as soon as I finish eating, you have to eat, you know”).

When you feel lonely, you eat to replace the satisfaction of friendship. When you are nervous, you eat to forget the cause of that tension or despair. Here again is proof of the inseparability of mind and body.

The unfortunate result of unhappiness is not only overeating, but also consuming foods that are fattening and worthless. The act of replacing some need of the mind or soul with food for the body is a form of blackmail. You are “buying” the mind through the ransom paid to the body. Naturally, this rescue must be luxurious. That is why the unhappy people of the world adore chocolates, ice creams, rich cakes and the like. And here there is often a ridiculous contradiction. The unhappy soul gorges itself on appetite killers and frequently neglects the foods essential to health. Thus, contradictory as it may seem, many people are a stone and a half and two stones overweight and yet are anemic, undernourished, suffering the ravages of malnutrition!

I have long realized the truth in the words “Happiness is medicine.” You must come to realize this too, because it is an undeniable law of nature.

The world’s underweight people are also "often the product of a mental rather than a physical condition. You have seen the “drivers” of our world, those who jump into their work without thinking about their well-being. They are often victims of the “philosophy of success”, believing that only wealth and power bring happiness. They drive themselves and their co-workers to the peak of production and creativity, but they usually have to be brought to the table for lunch. What they eat does them little good, passing through their bodies like mercury as they return to their dedicated work. The man who thinks life is all work and the man who thinks everything is play usually both land on the junk heap years before their time.

I will not be foolish enough to claim that being underweight and overweight are simply the result of a mind without peace; but I will maintain that anguish, nervousness, despair and disdain for other human beings, one or all of these, are the cause or a major contributing factor to the conditions of being overweight and underweight, as well as many of the ills physicists of the world. .

When dieting to gain or lose weight, two dangers must be avoided. The underweight person should avoid increasing their calorie intake while ignoring basic dietary requirements and the overweight person should take care to randomly decrease their food intake, thus depriving the body of a minimum of nutrients of energy, bones, blood and nerves . The basic diet for everyone should contain some organically grown foods and a complete part of all the vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain a healthy body and mind. Above all, beware of fad diets that are guaranteed to make you stronger or knock you down in twenty-four hours. These “Seven Days to Health” and “Ten Days to Beauty” programs are fraud at best and a danger to your own life at worst.

There is no overnight diet for total health. More precisely, there is no diet for total health. The food you eat is just one element in the pattern of your life. The path to health doesn’t just start with your stomach, skin, feet, or mind, but with all of this and more. The path to health is the one we pave with a life lived in complete harmony with nature.

"A Complete Guide to Healthy Eating, “an article in my online wellness journal describes various food programs that, when added to a life in total harmony with nature, will help bring you the brilliant health that should be yours. There you will find food programs designed for people who are underweight, overweight, among others, carefully prepared with the aim of providing the healthiest, tastiest and most natural eating program for the needs of each person. "Some men live to eat. How to live “.

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