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What are the pros and cons of switching electric companies?

If your business’ electricity prices are outrageous, you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to change your utility provider. What if your contract was automatically renewed by the carrier and beyond that, the rates increased?

Do you have any options or are you just stuck with no options?

Relax! It is possible to switch to another provider, but before you do, let’s review some of the pros and cons of switching.

First a look at the advantages:

rates – By changing your electricity provider, you may be able to get a cheaper rate. Who doesn’t want to save money in this economy?

rates – You may be eligible for some fees if you switch to a new carrier, such as discounts or price guarantees, depending on the plan you choose.

introductory specials – A new operator may offer deals only for new customers, and often these fees are very low, keeping your cash flow available for other business expenses.

Service – If you constantly call your service provider due to service interruption, a new company may offer better and more reliable service with fewer interruptions.

bundles – Dual energy providers can not only offer you great rates for electricity, but also for gas. If your business relies on gas and electricity, by combining these services with a single company, you can save money on bills, paper, postage, and accounting.

If you think you’re convinced to switch, what about the downsides?

automatic renewals – Many electric company contracts include automatic renewals, especially after the introductory period ends. Very often an increase in rates can come with these renewals.

dual fuel discounts – Having the same company for your electricity and gas needs can also be a disadvantage. If you don’t use much gas and rely primarily on electric power, the base rates on a gas/electric combo package may be higher than if you choose two separate companies.

discounts – If you decide it’s time to switch companies and don’t ask about rates, best savings programs, or other discounts, the company representative may not easily offer them. You will need to be careful to ask the right questions to get the best savings.

So there are pros and cons to leaving your current power company and joining another. One route to take if you determine that the pros outweigh the cons is to find a company that specializes in finding free commercial energy savings and will do all the research for you.

These organizations take the headache out of researching the many electricity providers out there, making your switch an easy transition.

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