What States Allow Sports Betting?

Sports Betting

Ohio, Kansas, and Indiana are the only states not currently legalizing sports betting. Several years ago, residents of these states voted to make legal sports betting a reality. In 2009, the Indiana General Assembly passed a bill that made illegal wagers on gambling devices illegal. While the law has some loopholes, it has made sports betting more transparent for the people of Indiana. It will take another several years before these two states have legalized the practice, but they are well on their way.

While many states are in favor of legalizing sports betting, many others have fought to get it passed. Although a number of states have passed sports betting bills, not all have passed them. Hawaii and Alaska have no legalized sports gambling, but that does not mean they won’t. The New Jersey-New York relationship may have prevented them from allowing it. Other states have barriers to legalized sports betting, including South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Texas. Idaho, however, is considering legislation to legalize it.


Mississippi became the latest state to legalize sports betting. In 2017, it was the first state to do so. Earlier this year, it became the first state to legalize sports gambling. Missouri also introduced several bills to legalize it, but those failed in the legislature. The state lottery will regulate sportsbooks in the future. While the legislation is still being worked out, it is a huge step in the right direction. The state’s sports gambling industry is expected to grow over the next few years.

What States Allow Sports Betting?

Louisiana voters approved the legalization of sports betting in November, but it has yet to implement the law. The state’s Gaming Control Board is preparing to pass the sports betting law and is expected to go live during the 2021 NFL season. While nothing is guaranteed in legal sports gambling, there are a number of states where sports gambling will be allowed to take hold. The following four states have already legalized it. But the legalization of sports betting in these states will not be easy.

In the United States, Illinois became the latest state to legalize sports betting in March 2020. It has already been legalized since September 2015. The state has also approved retail sports betting in 2018. Maryland is the only state that requires registration for mobile betting. In addition to these two, many other states are working toward the legalization of the sport. The law will require the licenses for operators and data providers. For now, the state is the only one in the US to legalize sports betting.

Maryland has passed a bill that allows sports betting online. However, the bill was not signed by the governor of Montana. While Maine is a part of the continental US, it is not affected by the New Jersey-Maine relationship. In addition, there are multiple bills that have been introduced in other states that have similar rules. But these are the only two states that have passed a law that allows for legal sports betting. But in Maryland, there is a lot of progress in the state.

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