WOTLK Warrior Leveling Guide – Arms Vs Fury Vs Prot

There is not much to level an amazing warrior; All three specs (Prot, Arms, and Fury) are viable and fun. The difference in knowing what spec to be on and what level can be found next and is generally based on what you want to do, versus what you “should” do. Each spec and when and why you can level your warrior in each spec are reviewed below.

There are three things to keep in mind regarding warriors before discussing leveling specs, as we will rate each spec based on these three things.

1. Survivability – Your ability to take damage and not die.

2. Pew-Pew-skill – Their ability to “sit on the bench”, that is, their ability to do harm.

3. Downtime – The amount of time he will heal himself before he can advance after a standard fight.

We will rate these things on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the best and 1 is the worst, in the case of downtime, a range of 10 means that you will not spend a lot of time on self-healing.

We will use the following format: 10s – 10p – 10D

The above shows a rating of 10 for survivability, 10 bank banks, and 10 for downtime.

10s – 3p – 6D protection

Protection will provide your warrior with 2 very important things, survivability and reduced downtime as a result of that survivability. The Prot specification is best used for instantiation and gives you the ability to take on multiple groups of mobs without fear of dying. However, certain abilities allow you to attack multiple mobs at the same time; you won’t hit things that hard. You are a tank with a medium sized weapon, great for longevity, not so good at killing things quickly. However, the downtime is not very high, as it generally does not take many hits; It should be noted that you don’t have any actual self-healing abilities beyond Enraged Regeneration and Last Stand, which serve more as abilities of last resort and less as constant sources of health. As a prot warrior, your death rate is very low, as you should never be in real danger in front of large groups of mobs.

Arms – 7s – 8p – 5d

As a warrior at arms, your ability to destroy things should be your pride and joy. Generally wielding a large 2-handed weapon, this spec is designed for HUGE frontal damage and mobility. Excellent for leveling as it provides the most comprehensive damage vs. survivability vs. downtime ration. The idea behind being a weapons warrior is that you take normal damage and deal abnormal damage, causing your enemy to die faster than they can afflict you in pain.

Fury – (6-7) s – 10p – 6d

Warriors of fury, like warriors at arms, rely on large two-handed weapons. The key here is weapons, not weapons. Higher-level Fury warriors can equip two two-handed weapons; for the sake of leveling up, this is not a problem until level 60. Fury generally requires the warrior to be in a berserker stance, which unfortunately comes with a built-in debuff of 10% more damage taken; that is why there is a survival range. Fury Warriors benefit from the warriors only self-healing attack, Bloodthirst, however this is not achievable until point 31 in the Fury talent tree. If weapon warriors are bullets, fury warriors are rockets. Fast and capable of dealing massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time, plus abilities that allow them to heal themselves once bloodlust is acquired, this is the optimal specialization to level up as you progress. quickly through missions and objectives while providing some healing.

Generally, you can follow the following rules of the specifications to be in.

1-15 – Arms

15-40 – Arms or Prot

40-60 – Fury, Prot, Arms

60-80 – Fury, Prot, Arms

Arms is ideal for the early levels, as all of the skills you can obtain in the various skill trees are of little to no use until later in the game. At level 15 you can start entering dungeons where prot warriors can be in high demand as they will be throughout the entirety of the game as we are tanks. Fury becomes more viable as you can apply more talent points in the fury tree, it is for that reason that it is suggested that you do not go into fury until at least level 40, where you can get a berserker stance and can use specialization. out of bloodlust. At this point, all specializations are viable for leveling up, with Fury being the optimal choice, especially if you are going to level up through missions. Arms would be the next logical choice for mission leveling, as the speed is almost parallel to that of the Fury warriors.

The ward has a niche where they can make tanks and queue for dungeons. They are slow solo, which translates to slow solo missions; however, due to the amount of experience that can be gained from dungeons, they are viable.

Search is the optimal way to level and can be done faster with the right warrior specification and the right leveling tools. Additional tools for warrior leveling can be questhelper, which is a great add-on, or Zygor leveling guides, which is a professional leveling guide.

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