Important things to know to play Fantasy Baseball

The more I play fantasy baseball, the more I love baseball itself. There’s no better way to keep tabs on scores, rankings, player trends, hot streaks, losing streaks, and the inevitable friendly competition that comes from trying to outplay your opponents than by participating in fantasy baseball. However, more and more people who are interested in this mysterious game and […]

Become a bird watcher

You, too, can join the more than 42 million (this number is from the year 2000, so there are many more right now!) backyard birders in the United States. To put this number in perspective, there are three times as many people who watch birds as there are hunts. There are more than ten thousand species of birds in the […]

Get out of abusive relationships

I have been in several long-term relationships in my 40-something years, and it was always me who made the decision to leave. It wasn’t always the abuse that made me leave, but it usually had to do with my question “Why am I here?” Relationships, to me, should be something that enhances and adds to our lives, much like icing […]

The principles of kitchen and bathroom design

Good design is defined as design unity and a timeless look. But to achieve unity and an evergreen look, all design principles must be considered. Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom is much more than selecting fixtures and painting the walls. A good remodel will have a well thought out design concept that starts with design principles as a foundation. The […]

Putting a Value on Your Personal Injury Claim

Your doctor or chiropractor has released you from treatment for your car accident and enough time has passed that you are about to sit down with Henry Hard-Nose Adjuster. His employer is Rock Solid Insurance, the company that insures Fred Fuddle, the guy who slammed into your butt, crushing you in a tremendous crash that was responsible for your injuries […]

Three Reasons You Need a Book Marketing Plan

A book marketing plan is a critical component to your success as a published author. However, many authors tend to skimp on taking the time to put one together. On the one hand, they may feel that putting together a marketing plan for their book is time consuming. However, they may simply find the process too confusing. In this article, […]

How much meat should you eat a day?

The adequate intake for meat, according to the USDA, is about 2-3 ounces per serving, which is about the size of a deck of cards. If someone has a bet, how many people eat meat the size of a deck of cards? – Almost none. Most bets served in restaurants are 2-4 times larger than that. One of the main […]