The right food to feed Ragdoll cats and kittens

Cat food can be classified into dry, moist and semi-moist foods. Each has its advantages, and Ragdolls need various types of food at different stages. Kittens need whole mother’s milk and wet food, while adults need more protein and dry food. Pregnant Ragdolls have special dietary needs that also change throughout the pregnancy. Ragdoll kittens should only be nursed for […]

Top Reasons Pubic Lice Treatments Fail

Pubic lice are a frustrating problem, not only because of the itching and aggravation, but also because of the continual failed attempts to get rid of the problem. Pubic lice treatments don’t always work, sometimes it’s the treatment itself and other times it’s the application methods. So, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why genital lice […]

Kim Kiyosaki, Book Review Rich Woman

Last year I must have been a good girl because at Christmas Santa put a copy of Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Woman in my stocking. I am an avid fan of Rich Dad Poor Dad products and of Robert and Kim Kiyosaki. These books have literally transformed the way I think and have therefore changed my life. So naturally, when I […]

Finding Your PMZ (Postmenopausal Zest)

You know the drawbacks of getting older, but there really are some advantages. If you’re married and/or have children, if you’re the caregiver for elderly parents, if you’re building your career, you can’t really focus on your own personal needs. There are too many other sweaters on you. But, once you have done or not done all these things (for […]

How to write a great ghost story

Why do some ghost stories keep you up all night, looking in your closet and checking under your bed? Why do other ghost stories produce laughter or utter boredom? Here are thoughts on what makes the PERFECT ghost story. 1) Atmosphere There is no ghost story worth having without atmosphere. Readers must be gradually removed from their cozy surroundings and […]

How to deal with post-abortion guilt

==> QUESTION: One of my daughter’s close friends called me and told me that my daughter was hiding something I needed to know. She was pregnant and planning to have an abortion the next day without my knowledge. I talked to my daughter about it and she admitted it. I found out that many people at school knew about it […]