Homeschool Classroom Environment

If possible, the homeschool classroom environment should be a specific room, or at least one area of ​​the home. And even better, this room or area should only be used for your homeschool organization. It is important that your students associate this room with focus and learning. If a separate area for homeschooling is not possible, make sure the area […]

Red Cape Costume Ideas for Halloween

Maybe this Halloween you’ve decided to buy a red cape costume for your child to dress up as their favorite character for a night of trick-or-treating and fun. There are many characters available to purchase that include a costume cape. Take, for example, many superheroes and other characters who wear a red cape: Superman, Wonder Woman, Capt. America, Snow White. […]

Tips for making living areas worth living in

It is well known that less clutter equals less stress. Being able to find things when we are looking for them, or when we need them, is priceless. Not missing due dates on bills, homework, or work is an added benefit of being organized. However, we also know that getting organized and staying organized takes time and a plan of […]

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Successful Marketing

Are you a mother with small children? She dreams of having a home business but you wonder: “How will I get clients if I can’t even leave the house?” The good news is that she can use creative, low-cost ways called “guerrilla marketing strategies” to reach her customers. The great news is that she doesn’t even need to leave her […]

The American version of Roman "feather tickler"

When I attended grade school, we were taught that wealthy ancient Romans tickled the back of their throats with a feather to induce vomiting after dinner. Although that ritual probably ruined any postprandial romance (unless mouthwash was provided with the meal), it allowed them to partake in their greatest delight: eating more food. Whether that custom is mythical or not, […]