7 success tips for de-stressing

1- BREATHE. It’s free! Breathe? What do you mean Breathe? That’s all? That’s too easy! Yes. It’s as simple as that believe it or not. Making it a priority to pause and take deep, soulful breaths throughout the day is a luxury we deny ourselves.especially When we’re under the gun It is not enough to remember to take a deep […]

Healthy Hair Care Secrets to Prevent Hair Fall

Healthy Hair Care Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Hair Having beautiful hair can significantly increase our confidence and self-esteem. The beauty of a person can be defined by their hair. As such, proper care of your hair is important to give you healthy, lustrous hair and to prevent hair loss. Below are important healthy hair care tips to follow: (1) […]

Eight tips on how to increase your fertility

The month of October is National Infertility Awareness Month. We understandably appreciate the opportunity to educate the public on current issues and advances in this field. The 2009 annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine will be held in Atlanta from October 18-21. You can follow us on Twitter to see some of the topics that will be […]

sex toys to share

Most adult toy enthusiasts are familiar with adult toys that are specifically geared towards the requirements of men, such as enlargement pumps, or those for women that include butterfly stimulators, but there are also a host of Adult sex toys on the market that are meant to be used by partners. Below are some of the most popular adult toys […]