10 ways to start the day with energy

Before getting out of bed: 1. Express gratitude…Take a moment to send some mental thanks to the world…for seeing another day, for your family and friends, for having your health, your job, a roof over your head, or whatever situation it may be. Realizing that you are already living in a state of being hurt helps energize your day. 2. […]

What to know about ringworm in humans

Ringworm, or tinea corporis, in humans is a fungal infection that results from dermatophytes, which live in the dead top layer of skin. It grows best in warm, humid areas which make swimming pools, skin folds, and locker rooms excellent places for ringworm to grow. Its symptoms include an itchy, red, inflamed circular rash with healthy skin in the middle […]

How the fashion industry uses social media

Black Friday and exclusive Fashion Weeks: two key times of the year when retailers and the fashion industry hope to make up for a bad year or cap off an impressively up year. But before (or at the end of) these championship fights for redemption of retail revenue and crowning leaders, how do retailers and fashion industry elites get the […]

The best way to remove acne scars

A simple step by step process on how you can prevent and get rid of scars for good One of the problems with acne, in addition to the inflammation and pain you may experience, is the scarring it leaves behind on your skin. Some of the ointments used to treat the pimple itself won’t get rid of blemishes or dark […]