7 tips for turbulent times: managing under pressure

You and I live in turbulent times. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines turbulence as commotion, violent agitation, irregular motion, wild disorder. These words accurately sum up our world in 2008. For many of us, every day we feel the earth shift under our feet. Where is the stability, security and peace that we yearn for? It doesn’t exist in the […]

Estate Planning Basics: Financing Your Trust

The property you own can be transferred to your chosen heirs or beneficiaries after your death in one of several ways. If the particular asset is owned by you and someone else, such as a residence jointly owned by you and your surviving spouse (JWROS), the property will automatically pass to your spouse upon your death. Assets can also pass […]

Get a great value vacation as now is the time to go to Iceland and save money!

One of the incredible advantages for tourists is that Iceland is incredibly different from the rest of Europe, and yet it is only a short flight away. Iceland’s main attractions are natural: stunning waterfalls, steaming geysers, dazzling glaciers and, of course, the beautiful Northern Lights. One of the great decisions of travelers is deciding when to go to Iceland. Summers […]

LG U880: Get tech savvy in style

In this age, when ‘latest’ technologies fade faster than they emerge, there are only a few devices that have stood the test of time and kept up with the competition for highly dynamic consumer needs and preferences. Tea lg u880 One of them is a slim foldable 3G phone. The LG U880 was the highest spec LG phone at the […]

Breeders Cup

The Sam’s Town Horse Handicap Team is playing very close to the vest in this Breeders’ Cup. Gordon Jones, Patrick McQuiggan and Tony Vega believe they can bring home a winning Pick 6 or a super perfect Classic for the people in their betting pools. Therefore, they unusually keep many selections undercover and save them for customers who come to […]

Shopping in Siem Reap: the old market

Siem Reap is one of the best places for shoppers in all of Cambodia, with only Phnom Penh perhaps a comparable alternative location. Not only is it a great place to shop for Cambodian souvenirs such as handicrafts, silks, textiles, and contemporary art, but in recent years the traditional shops have been supplemented by modern shops, including boutiques and art […]