Jews must demand rights to the Temple Mount

During a 1995 Root and Branch conference in Jerusalem, Professor Nahum Rakover, author and then Deputy Attorney General of Israel, publicly agreed with me that It is not it is illegal for Christians or Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, even if the police forcibly prevent it. I expressed the frustration we (the Temple Mount Faithful and, fortunately, now, […]

My biggest dream is to visit you Africa

Africa here I come Who does not like to travel? Traveling is the best experience one can have in their life. With so many countries in the world to explore, I’m sure you would think that if I were rich enough, I would fly to the horizons of the world. From the north of Antarctica to the depths of the […]

What Comprehensive Real Estate Professional Indemnity Insurance Should Cover

One of the most demanding markets today is the real estate sector. And this is because, in this particular industry, customer expectations are often difficult and difficult to meet. Typically, real estate agents would find it difficult to fully determine what their clients really want or require based solely on sporadic personal interactions. Real estate agents are also not safe […]

New York Travel Tips for Senior Tourists

With its many historic attractions, buildings, museums and vibrant culture, New York attracts millions of tourists from various corners of the world. However, it is not necessarily young people and families who can enjoy a vacation in the city of drivers. You have many options to make the tour enjoyable and affordable for older visitors. Seniors visiting the city alone […]

Tips to create an excellent Whatsapp status

Whatsapp is a messaging application that has become very popular not only among young people but also among adults because it makes it easy for people to chat and stay in touch. Perhaps the main reason this mobile platform is loved is because messages can be exchanged between all operating systems and all mobile phones. It is also a platform […]

What’s affiliates marketing? Find out today!

You’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing, but have no idea what it is. Your friends have been talking about how much money you could make just by staying online and working a few hours a day, but you refuse to believe that something as strange as that is even possible. Well, the thing is, this way of making money isn’t […]