A John D MacDonald Business Man

MacDonald was once a well-known writer of tough crime novels. He was probably the best known of these writers in the 1950s and 1960s, and had a series of bestsellers with series hero Travis McGee. By the 1950s he was building a reputation. These books are rarely on bestseller lists. The stories were published in pulps and novels as Fawcett […]

Can I Get Bankruptcy Student Loan Forgiveness?

One of the most frequently asked questions as a bankruptcy attorney is, can I cancel my student school loans in bankruptcy? Most bankruptcy attorneys will tell you that it is not possible, but this is simply not true. The process to pay off the debt associated with your education is not a simple or automatic process, it requires a bit […]

Labrador retriever black color: what is the standard?

There you were, innocently walking through the mall, when you decide to go to the pet store. In reality, your children make the decision, clamoring for a puppy. Among the roly-poly puppies there is an energetic black and white puppy. Not knowing what it is, you look at the card in the window. “Black Labrador Retriever” reads. Surprised, he asks […]

Which is better: a deed or a lease option?

A deed contract is also known as a land contract or installment sales contract. It is simply an agreement or contract between the seller of a property and a buyer in which the property is not transferred to the buyer until the terms of the contract are met. It sounds very simple and it is except for the fact that […]

Top 10 things to do in Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a city of the best tourist attractions. Orlando is the right place to go when it comes to the best theme and amusement parks. When you visit Orlando, you want to make sure you have an incredible experience. So, we’ll take a look at the top 10 things to do in Orlando, Florida. 1. Universal Island of Adventure […]