Character education that excites young children!

Character education in many elementary schools bores children. It affects them in the same way that the freshman story affected me and my college friends. We promised that no one could make history more boring than our teacher. On special occasions, however, the professor would switch gears. He employed a teaching method that turned bland to exciting in an instant. […]

Cost of Bankruptcy with No Assets: How Consumers Can Get Cheap and Affordable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Many financial experts and analysts have frequently argued that the cost of bankruptcy without assets should be very low so that most consumers can file for bankruptcy cheaply and affordably. economic conditions and the rising cost of bankruptcy like today, which argue that the cost of routine bankruptcy should be a cheap and low-cost affair, is based on the argument […]

Memory is stored outside the body

Science News Magazine February 3, 2018, “People tend to think of memories as ephemeral and deeply personal possessions: fragments of emotions, words, colors and smells sewn into our unique neural tapestries as life goes on.” One of today’s most entrenched explanations places engrams (memories) directly inside synapses, connections where chemical and electrical messages move between nerve cells, or neurons. However, […]

Earn money collecting rent

In some cases, managing properties on your own can be a big mistake, but professional property managers can help, according to Forbes magazine writers Scott Woolley, Stephane Fitch and Christopher Steiner. In the Aug. 3, 2009, series “You Can Still Get Rich in Real Estate,” Woolley, Fitch, and Steiner suggest that the days of selling houses for a profit are […]

SlavaSoft is changing the real sports industry with smart apps!

Slavasoft is a mobile software provider, specialized in custom development projects for HoReCa and development of product-based solutions for the professional sports industry. It was founded in 2015 in Alicante and now has two main offices in Spain and Russia. There is a business development office in Alicante, which is operating in the EU market and specializes in promoting brand […]

The History of the Masters Golf Tournament: A Legacy

Augusta’s first US Masters event or first National Invitational Tournament was held on a 365-acre golf course located in Augusta, Georgia. It originally used to be farmland filled with flowers and trees until co-founder Bobby Jones took it over in 1931. Bobby Jones added great value to the beauty of the course, and since its founding, the field of Augusta […]