How to find real estate buyers by the dozen

The buyers are out there, it’s just a matter of gathering them and staying in touch. It helps to be able to determine what type of buyer you’re looking for early on. Remember this: you are the person who has something he wants when a buyer calls you; if he’s calling them then he’s trying to sell them, let’s make […]

Exterminator for New and Existing Owners

Once a home has been built and occupied, an exterminator can be your greatest ally. Their goal, like that of any good homeowner, is to provide pest control for the cleanliness and safety of the home. An exterminator can work at all stages of the management process as is common with their provided inspection, removal, treatment, return for further management, […]

Leave Me – Man Vs Wild

SCENARIO: I am to be airlifted from my hometown and dropped into the middle of undisclosed hostile territory. MISSION: Secure at least 1 package (aka: a real estate deal), that has a profit of at least $5K for a wholesale investment, or a profit of at least $20K after a large scale renovation. EQUIPMENT: Starting at only: my credit and […]

Setting up your leasing office for success

Today I would like to review the use of 7 techniques that will create a pleasant working environment for your staff and have a huge impact on the success of your tenancy. These 7 techniques are meant to help you give the prospective renter that great first impression that means a lot in $$$. Curb Appeal: When a prospective resident […]

Interior Home Maintenance From The Experts

It’s easy to overlook the importance of interior home maintenance. It’s probably because of all the attention that goes into maintaining the exterior of our homes that we tend to forget that the interiors require so much care. There may even be times when it requires even more care and maintenance, but of course, that’s on a case-by-case basis. For […]

Measuring the results of your direct mail campaign

You have found an experienced and knowledgeable listing broker. With his help, she has selected the optimal direct mailing list based on her ideal target audience. He’s decided on the perfect design for his mail piece, and now he’s ready to go. But wait, how are you going to track your direct mail? It was always thought that measuring the […]

Puppets: a dying traditional art

Lifestyles have changed so rapidly that many of our traditional crafts and pastimes have been relegated to the archives. Television and videos occupy our free time, and the incredible Information Superhighways have turned us into obsessive-compulsive monsters who can’t take their fingers off the mouse. We have gone cross-eyed, staring at computer screens, and kyphotic, hunched over in our high-backed […]

Post ads online with Craigslist like many other smart landlords and property managers

Post ads online and watch your leases soar. For a successful property owner or manager, effective classified advertising is a critical strategy to reach your goals and be successful. Tenants need to really know about your apartments and houses for rent in order to rent to you. The key term in that first sentence is effective classified advertising. Print classifieds, […]

Home Mortgage Loans – Navigating the Maze

Mortgage loans can be very confusing, considering how many different types there are. Unless you’re a mortgage expert, it can be daunting to wade through the home finance maze to decide which product is right for you. To select a loan, it is important to clarify your objectives. Are you looking to buy a house? If so, do you plan […]