Donald Trump – What about him?

Currently, he is the President and CEO of the Trump Organization, a US-based real estate developer. He is also the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts, which owns a large number of casinos and hotels around the world. He became a celebrity for years due to his extravagant lifestyle and outspoken way of speaking and, of course, his hit NBC reality […]

Creative real estate financing for wholesale deals

This information is very important for both new and experienced wholesalers, AND repair home buyers, to read and understand carefully. We learned it the hard way, hopefully you won’t have to 🙂 Investors often ask us about using conventional financing for their investor deals. In other words, they want to go through a bank or other similar lending institution to […]

Land for sale – Invest in the tourism industry

Investing in land is what some of the richest investors in the world do. Capitalizing on a flourishing tourism trade, such as what is currently happening on the island of Kefalonia, Greece is another wise investment. What not to buy land for sale in Kefalonia? Doing so allows you to own land in a market known to be stable, safe […]

Residential property prices in Indian cities

Indian real estate presents a vivid picture. The metropolitan cities of India are giving tough competition to the famous cities of the world. Property prices in some Indian cities are higher than those in New York and Washington. Population growth is increasing the demand for residential real estate. Existing cities are expanding and arid areas are becoming townships and urban […]

Four easy steps to persuade and influence others

Some things we can easily achieve by ourselves. We don’t need to involve anyone else. Other things we want to achieve, involve others. If we want to sell something, gain buy-in for an idea or project, or motivate others to be positive about something, we must persuade them that it is in their best interest to do what we want […]

Apartment Property Management

Apartment property management is considered the management of a multi-unit rental property and the residents or tenants who occupy it. These properties can range from small multi-unit buildings to very large complexes that house hundreds of residents. Residential property management is a more widely used term in the industry and could include the management of single-family homes and apartment complexes. […]

Expat Parenting: Adjusting to Family Life Abroad

How is parenting as an expat different from parenting at home? Just as the three rules of real estate are location, location, and location, most would agree that the three rules of parenting are love, love, and love. We can differ greatly in how we express that love, depending on our personalities and how love was expressed to us as […]

Fair Housing Act – Service/Emotional Support Animals

My last post, Service Animals/Emotional Support Animals: What You Need to Know, discussed the fact that if you own rental properties, you need to be aware of the laws around service and emotional support animals. We cover the rules set forth by the ADA, but there are 2 agencies that create regulations regarding these animals: The Americans with Disabilities Act […]

Home Construction Plans

Building a home is a major investment and you need to make sure that your dream home, once built, will live up to your expectations. This can be achieved if you plan the construction activity properly. You can contact a home planner, who may be an architect, engineer, or draftsman. I should be able to give you the exact specifications […]