Tuesday Training Update: Time Change

I usually try to give a triathlon training update on Tuesday, but it’s Wednesday. I’ll go ahead and complete this update to stay consistent. I also couldn’t post last week so this is a compilation of two weeks of training. The last two weeks have been a time change that can often occur in the life of an amateur triathlete […]

Beneficiile colagenului lichid

colagenului lichid Colagenul este o proteină care se găsește în mod natural în corpul nostru, care promovează sănătatea părului, a pielii, a unghiilor și a oaselor. De asemenea, ajută la vindecarea rănilor și susține sănătatea articulațiilor. Există mai multe tipuri diferite de suplimente de colagen disponibile pe piață, inclusiv pastile, pulberi și lichide. Colagenul lichid este o alegere populară, deoarece […]

Kettlebell Exercises – A Workout for Weight Loss Training

The kettlebell is an essential piece of training equipment. It’s a cannonball with a handle, plain and simple. There are a variety of weights and sizes to choose from, and there are even some lines of colorful “rubber-coated” kettlebells due to the growing popularity of kettlebell training in Southern California. But what are kettlebell exercises for? Strength training and weight […]

Exercise Equipment History

The history of exercise equipment dates back to the time of early civilization. Before then, the need for survival kept people in great shape regardless of whether they were hunters, gatherers, or farmers. When they began to live in large groups and specialise, their day-to-day workload changed and for many the need to exercise was born. Physical training began with […]

How to burn calories while cleaning the house

I recently changed gyms, my old gym had no windows, was cramped and stuffy and I didn’t really enjoy going. The setting makes a difference so I canceled that contract and moved to the local leisure center which has a great pool and big air conditioned rooms with big windows and natural light coming in, much better in my opinion […]

7 benefits of a low carb diet plan

A very popular diet that is used today to help lose weight is the low carb diet plan. As the name implies, the diet is based on consuming more protein and limiting carbohydrates. In fact, the only carbohydrates recommended to eat during the diet are those found in fruits and vegetables. While there are these 7 scientific benefits of following […]

The Sedona Method – How to Change Bad Habits and Overcome Addiction

The Sedona Technique has been helping people successfully recover from many types of obsessions since 1973. It is a complete system in itself and is highly complementary to all the different types of obsession help including twelve step, counseling, mindfulness and detox programs. You need to use the Sedona System to help you: * Overcome obsession with alcohol and alcoholism. […]

Healthy Weight Loss: Exercise and Diet Go Hand in Hand

Fat in the body accumulates over several months or years and does not add up overnight. Expecting the body to lose this fat quickly is highly unrealistic, but many people make this mistake. In addition, it takes great determination to lose weight, which has increased in recent years. Sometimes people resort to heavy exercises at gyms or fitness centers and […]