Break the bondage of addiction

Addictions today have become more common than we dare to accept. Many types of addictions have become socially acceptable, in these times of moral and spiritual bankruptcy. Good things when misused can become addictions. What is addiction? It is the dependence on a certain substance or behavior that is impossible to break without timely intervention. It destroys the person, demoralizes […]

Is change making your career at Three-Ring Circus?

Everyone has a different reaction to an unexpected change. Some hug him. Others divert it at all costs. And most of us are somewhere in the middle. From my decades of experience in human resources, career coaching, and consulting, I can say that learning how to deal positively with changes in our careers, from layoffs to new processes, is invaluable. […]

plantar fasciitis and fitness

Well, the first month of the New Year is almost over. If you’re like many people who made a list of resolutions, increased fitness and physical activity were probably one of your top items. Whether that includes eating a healthier diet or exercising more to shed extra pounds or to help yourself better enjoy the outdoors, improving fitness is a […]

The best bodyweight exercises to do anywhere

Bodyweight exercises can be considered as one of the best options for those who are very interested in fitness, but do not want to go or do not have access to a gym. These exercises are considered as the simplest, most convenient and effective strength training to do anytime, anywhere and also without any equipment. If you’re looking for simple […]

Longer life with a healthy diet

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” (Thomas Carlyle) Health is much better than wealth. Better health is considered essential to human happiness and well-being. Physically and mentally healthy people also play a very important role in the economic growth of their country, as they are more productive and live longer. Being healthy is […]

Bulimia nervosa in a nutshell

A person with bulimia nervosa exhibits a preoccupation with food and often secretly binge eats. A binge is an amount of food that is definitely larger than most people would eat over a similar period of time and under similar circumstances (eg, most people will overeat on vacation). Bingers also exhibit a lack of control over eating during the episode, […]

With pins and needles on weight loss? Consider injections and a healthy eating plan!

Losing weight effectively and safely requires an individual analysis of personal health and main goals. Although a healthy eating plan comprises an important part of the plan, diet alone may not provide the maximum possible results. The solution to achieving your weight loss goals can be found by following a comprehensive four-step plan. This includes a personalized diet, diet and […]