Granite Prices – How To Compare Granite Deals

Here are 10 things to consider when getting granite deals. Get a personal estimate at home to make sure the price is concrete and based on facts, not assumptions. Make sure that once the appraiser visits your home, the price provided is final and not subject to change. Thickness – Not all granite countertops are the same thickness. 1-1/4″ granite […]

Bathroom accessories for an easy bathroom makeover

Recognizing the latest trends in bathroom design, everyone sees the potential in their own bathroom with just a few accessories and a few small changes. There is no need to change the shower and accessories! Bathroom accessories have undergone a major change in the way they are designed with increased levels of utility and comfort. So many quality bathroom accessories […]

remove countertops

One of the most cost-effective ways to renovate your home is to “do it yourself.” From sanding and painting to digging and planting, there are many projects that a determined homeowner can undertake. There are some jobs, however, that are best left to the professionals. These jobs are too heavy, labor-intensive, or require specialized tools and skills. Case in point: […]

Valerie Hector: The Art of Beadwork: Historical Inspiration, Contemporary Design – Book Review

Valerie Hector The art of beads: historical inspiration, contemporary design (ISBN 0-8320-0307-8) is an interesting combination of historical and cultural analysis of various bead-making traditions and the presentation of works by modern designers who drew inspiration from these traditions. There are numerous books on contemporary bead designs, as well as many histories of bead making (which can go back as […]

Pros and cons of installing dimmer switches

An easy way to save money at home is to install lamp dimmers in multiple rooms. This project can usually be completed in just a few hours and can dramatically change the appearance of a space. Of course, as with any home improvement project, light fixture switches have their pros and cons. Benefits of Dimmer Switches The biggest benefit of […]

The alphabet of decorating with neutral colors

To go neutral or not to go neutral, that is the question. Well, that’s a question I’m often asked by friends and clients alike. There are two opinions I find regarding neutrals: there are those who think neutrals are mediocre and want to avoid them at all costs and then those who think neutrals are too easy to work with […]