Halloween and Cards

One of the oldest holidays, Halloween is still celebrated in numerous nations around the world. In Spain, Latin America and Mexico, the Day of the Dead, which is the third day of Hallowmass, is the most significant part of the celebration. Previously, in Canada and Ireland, this day was considered scary. It is always on October 31 that people celebrate […]

Child Diet/Nutrition

In India a meal consists of iron, calcium, vitamins and minerals in one dish. Wheat bread (chapatis) rich in calcium, Rice and legumes cooked with saturated fats rich in carbohydrates and iron, green leafy vegetables and a salad rich in fiber, accompanied by various types of spices in generous amounts help in growth and fight diseases . It is a […]

Free range poultry on an Amish farm

Melvin Fisher began raising pastured poultry on his organic pasture farm in 1997. In 1998, after seeing an article about the free-range system in a magazine, Melvin ordered Herman Beck-Chenoweth’s book Free-Range Poultry Production and Marketing. . He subsequently attended a workshop on poultry production. In 1999, Melvin built six poultry skids using the plans in the book and stocked […]

The most surprising football transfer of the season

Twice a year, when the transfer window opens, the soccer world goes wild with players changing clubs, newspapers, and soccer websites all over the world speculating on the latest superstars to play the game of musical chairs. While some big-name transfers, like Cristiano Ronaldo’s move from Manchester United to Real Madrid, eventually came to their expected conclusions, one transfer caught […]

Attention Bible fans!

“We’re trying to turn a negative into a positive,” explained the happy young woman who took my drink order. I asked if anyone loved rabbits or if the name of the cafe was a Biblical reference. Apparently, a coffee shop in Deep East Texas is out to make fun of the residents of the Bible Belt. Thumpers Coffee and Gift […]

Music sparks emotion in a video commercial

Have you ever tried to watch a commercial video or ad without music? If so, you may have thought a few things: that it was different because of the silence, but you seemed to like it, or didn’t care at all, so it was easy to go about your daily activities. a second thought as to what the commercial was […]

painting information is necessary

Painting is an art form that applies color, pigment, and paint to a wall or canvas surface to express an emotion or idea visually. Painting could be an art form or it could be a component of woodworking. The painting may deal with historical or religious themes or with abstract figures or designs. The history of the painting is so […]

Mass SMS marketing or mass SMS sending

Are you one of those marketers or companies who think you are actively involved in bulk SMS marketing simply because you are sending bulk SMS filled with “irresistible offers”? Bad news: that’s not marketing and you’re just wasting your time and money. Good news: you can change things, but first, you need this knowledge… What is marketing by the way? […]