Special things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the largest cities, if not the largest city, on the West Coast. Due to its sheer size, there are hundreds of fun things to do in Los Angeles. It can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry. Here are the top eleven things to do on your trip to Los Angeles. From tours to theme […]

Howard Hughes and the Silver Slipper

Another of the most iconic signs in Las Vegas belonged to the Silver Slipper Gambling Hall. Originally opened in 1950 on the Last Frontier property, it was called Golden Slipper because the name Silver Slipper was already in use, but shortly after its opening, Silver Slipper was folded and the name moved to its new home on the Las Vegas […]

Take a look at some unusual Florida attractions

When you’re planning your next Florida vacation, you may be starting with some ideas about the biggest and most well-known Florida attractions that you and your family will want to visit. Your Florida vacation guide may be missing a lot of unusual options that you can also check out. Some are close to popular destinations, while others are off the […]

Where to stay in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also for the excellent hotels and resorts that the country has. You wouldn’t be included in the best honeymoon spots in the world if they didn’t have such wonderful facilities and amenities. You can enjoy your stay region by region with the right accommodation for you. You can stay […]

Fishing in the Newberry, South Carolina area

Newberry is a historic city in central South Carolina, located just 35 miles northwest of Columbia. The area’s mild climate offers residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy a number of sports and outdoor activities throughout the year. Fishing is particularly popular in the region, and the Newberry area offers several popular lakes and rivers for anglers to sample. Lake […]

How to protect your home from termites

All homeowners would agree that one of their worst fears is finding termites thriving in their home. These tiny insects may seem harmless, but if they go unnoticed, one may be surprised that your beautiful house needs to be completely renovated because the termites have already eaten all the wood that supports the entire structure of the house. Proper knowledge […]

Portugal – Best Beaches

One of the main prerequisites for many vacationers for a vacation in Portugal is a nice beach to relax on. It is fortunate then that Portugal has so many good beaches on offer along its 600 miles of coastline, making it ideal for both summer vacations and winter sun. In fact, 18 of Portugal’s beaches are designated as Blue Flag […]