Cheap hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Today people travel more than ever. Whether by air, train or car. People want to visit as many places as possible. In recent years due to the great economic development, Asia has become a frequent destination for travelers. One of these countries that is being visited the most in Asia is Malaysia and its most famous city Kuala Lumpur. This […]


The single client bank… Today I arrived at the office early, as I had always skipped breakfast (I belong to the street, the street does not have breakfast at home, we have breakfast on the street) my boss was already in the office when I entered. Almost as if he had slept in the office waiting for my arrival. I […]

Belize – Melting Pot

The word “Belize” brings to mind images of amazingly clear turquoise waters with fabulous beaches, lush green jungles, along with impressive Mayan ruins. But this small nation is also proud of its diverse culture. Here one can find a unique mix of influences from various cultures and people from various parts of the world. rich diversity of culture In the […]

A look at diversified Indian cuisine

India is known for its diversified food culture, wide range of cuisines, and varied cooking techniques. No holiday of a foreign tourist is complete without trying the exotic food of India. India is a land of many different cultures establishing unity in diversity. It is also the reason that Indian food draws its inspiration from many different cultures and regions. […]

Surviving a day of shopping in Bangkok

Like most families, I imagine shopping anywhere is ordeal, but when you add in the heat, humidity, stifling traffic, and crowds of people, shopping in Bangkok is not something most would consider if they were traveling with a family. My family won’t miss out on a bargain though, and Bangkok is chock full of bargains. Most shopping experiences in Bangkok […]

History and recent trajectory of Real Madrid

Real Madrid fans may be concerned by the recent string of successes enjoyed by their hated rivals FC Barcelona, ​​however even Barça cannot compete with Real Madrid CF’s storied and successful history. They are actually the most successful club in the history of Spanish Soccer, and were voted by FIFA as the most successful club team from anywhere in the […]

Job Search Strategies in a Down Economy

Serious times call for serious action, especially when it comes to job hunting. Whether it’s a first job, fifth, or fifteenth, there are ways to prepare, actions to take, and activities to perform that move the process forward. For some, who are searching due to downsizing or layoffs, it can be embarrassing to part with a job and career that […]

Do girls like to play TERA Online game?

A girls review of the online game TERA. I am a gamer girl and I was wondering if TERA online would appeal to girls. Here is my review of the game. My first thought was that TERA is a typical game that has been designed with kids in mind. A quick look at the game’s female characters is enough to […]