Anyone can be an internet tycoon

For over a decade, Internet marketing has revolutionized the home-based business model. Gone are the days of having to go from store to store, trying to sell those cookies, scarves, or Grandma’s secret applesauce. Entrepreneurs today are only armed with a laptop and an idea. I’m not making fun of the guys who’ve “done it” the conventional way, but let’s […]

plantar fasciitis and fitness

Well, the first month of the New Year is almost over. If you’re like many people who made a list of resolutions, increased fitness and physical activity were probably one of your top items. Whether that includes eating a healthier diet or exercising more to shed extra pounds or to help yourself better enjoy the outdoors, improving fitness is a […]

If that’s the law then

The 19th-century British author Charles Dickens once worked as a clerk at a law firm, and many of the characters in his novels were derived from clients he met while working at the firm. In one of his novels from the 1840s, I don’t remember which one by Dickens, there was a colloquy between two of the characters. The first […]

Diamonds are everyone’s best friend

Have you ever wondered how most Hollywood stars maintain their youthful glow? You could say it could be Hollywood magic, you could even say it’s plastic surgery, but it’s not all that. They have been the first to find a relatively new dermatological procedure called dermabrasion that removes a layer of skin through a rotary tool. The tool evens out […]

Prefabricated steel buildings: the best solution for your money and time

Prefabricated steel buildings are the building sections that are fabricated in a factory, so that they can be easily transported and quickly assembled on site to construct the buildings unit. In other words, these are ready-to-assemble, portable, architectural-style steel buildings. Today, steel buildings are becoming an increasingly popular form of construction and almost all types of buildings are constructed using […]

Worst beta test ever!

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to participate as a beta tester of a new telephone solution. Even now, the frustration of that experience still haunts me; snapping me out of my restless sleep, drenched in a puddle of sweat. OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Let’s just say the experience wasn’t great. Let me share […]